Presidential Debate Reactions: Celebs Sound Off on Obama-Romney Part 2

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Barack Obama showed up for his first presidential debate of 2012 last night in Hempstead, N.Y., to the delight of his many celebrity supporters on Twitter.

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    Each time you far left wing people display a political article it is always biased against Republicans. If anything good comes out of this it will hopefully be that all Republicans will quit supporting your networks, your advertising and any celeb that takes a left Wing stance! Now that would be labeled success.


    Such an unbiased article, lol...
    Whatta joke it is when gossip sites try to seem political.


    Obama spoke and was extremely cocky. Obama spoke for much longer than Romney but Obama has once again not given anywhere near the explanation as Romney has given as far as his plans for the future. I don't know of one person personally that can stomach another 4 years from the under qualified socialist.


    Why is it so hard to find a celebrity who thinks? Why is it so hard to find a celebrity who realizes that thinking is not their forte and who therefore shuts up? Why do so many Americans listen to these bloody fools?


    For all of you people who think Obama is doing such a good job. Have you taken time to ask yourself what exactly has he done to help the American people....
    Oh yea I forgot... he's raised gas prices, taxes, unemployment, and the DEFICIENT. Go ahead a keep voting for Obama and don't cry when we are all out of work.

    @ Sandi

    I believe you mean "deficit" not deficient. And actually the president has little to do with lowering gas prices. The president doesn't have nearly as much power as people seem to believe. Although, unemployment has actually gone down since Obama took office. If you're going to talk shit about our president, the least you could do is actually know what you're talking about. Obama 2012, because I don't want Romney to send women back to the dark ages and leave our country burning when he leaves office.

    @ Samantha

    Nicely said Samantha!
    DEFICIENT?? Really.. my god.. LOL


    Hey hollywood gossip, just an FYI, Jill Biden's twitter that u referenced is a parody account. Initially I thought it was really her, read recently its not which explains some of her tweets. While they're hilarious & sarcastic, I often wondered how her tweets didn't cause controversy, now I know bc it's not her!


    Why can't these "celebrities" mind their own business and do what they are overpaid to do...."act". Stop dispensing their views on politics, religion, values and morals. Too bad they don't get paid like the middle class...they would actually have to sweat for a living.


    Please Mr. Obama give civil service personnel a raise. If Congress, Senate can get one why not us we all work for the same person. The government.

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