Penelope Scotland Disick to Kourtney: Who's Daddy?!?

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Penelope Scotland Disick is a lucky young woman.

How come?

According to the latest issue of In Touch Weekly, the newborn "doesn't recognize" her own father. While this maybe troubling news for some children, remember: Penelope's dad is Scott Disick.

Kourtney Kardashian and Daughter

Numerous tabloids have alleged problems between Disick and Kardashian for awhile now.

The former has been accused of partying up a storm and drinking a lot of Heineken, while Kourtney is stuck at home, alone with two young children.

Simply put, a family insider tells In Touch: "Scott is never around."

And when he does show up? "Penelope cries a lot."

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that is only lies!!! Pe loves Scott and you can see it...Same with Mason. tabloids are a shame for true jurnalism


Now you know that having another baby will not change a man.


Now you know that having another baby will not change a man.


Khloe rumored to be getting divorce - they can all move home again with pimpmama Kris.


From what we see of Kourtney I guarentee she does not feel "stuck" at home. Say what you want about that family but she is an awesome mother and home with them is probably the only place she cares to be. It's evident in her parenting.

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