Paige Thomas vs. Cece Frey: Who Won the Whitney-Off?

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Ding! Ding! It is totally on between Paige Thomas and Cece Frey.

At least The X Factor producers clearly want it to be.

The show is making a rivalry out of these contrasting singers, Paige the reserved, sweet single mother and Cece, the cocky Illinois native with weird print on her face.

Both took on "I Will Always Love You" during Boot Camp this week. But who did a better job with the classic track?

Do either Paige or Cece stack up to a pair of other early female favorites, Diamond White and Jennel Garcia?

Compare the crooners now and cast your vote for the best Whitney impression:


cece is the next big star. she has got the whole the package. Love her to bits.


i really love and like cece, beautiful and has a talent!!


absolutely Cece, she is gold.


They both did well (they were both able to reach the proper octave), but Cece's performance clearly took less effort.

Dewayne dearmond

i think cece actully nailed it better then page sorry page you sounded great but when cece sang it it was like omg and you new it by your reactions after the show


Sorry but based only on the voice quality and not the attitude, cece is simply better.


I love Paige Thomas. Cannot stand that Ce-Ce, "I love myself character....YUK


CeCe needs to go.

@ priscilla

CeCe Frey rules I love her attitude! She is a firecracker and can back every bit of it up! The 13tn year old girls will take Paige out of the competition. They are better than her also!

@ Ray

Clearly the singer with the less effort is CECE and this IS a she is giving the attitude is takes to win......Honestly do you think the nice humble meek will fight hard enough to win?

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