Paige Thomas vs. Cece Frey: Who Won the Whitney-Off?

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Ding! Ding! It is totally on between Paige Thomas and Cece Frey.

At least The X Factor producers clearly want it to be.

The show is making a rivalry out of these contrasting singers, Paige the reserved, sweet single mother and Cece, the cocky Illinois native with weird print on her face.

Both took on "I Will Always Love You" during Boot Camp this week. But who did a better job with the classic track?

Do either Paige or Cece stack up to a pair of other early female favorites, Diamond White and Jennel Garcia?

Compare the crooners now and cast your vote for the best Whitney impression:


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Paige Thomas really need that money for her child what those CeCe need that money for maybe for her hungry belly she is a ashole fuck you CeCe Frey just let Paige Thomas gets the money as and done ashole


Paige needs to win that gurl was good but not good enough fo me



@ Victoria

I am v


CeCe Frey is the best person, shes got talent. Paige is okay I guess, but like most of you said"horrible persin" not true. A little mean, I guess so. She wants to win, so let her be.


i think cece's the best,she may be overcomfident but unlike Paige she sells imahe not her family drama,also she has an amazing voice,paige has a great voice too,but she comes out as a poor single mom with her kid and that her kid is the only person she cares about and all these stuff...i like them both but cece's the best!


CeCe is a nasty young woman. she is trying to make us believe she is so caring. remember in the beginning, she was such a bitch. that is what she is really like. i hope she gets voted off. also, she is so out of tune lots of times.


Cece shouldn't be punished for confidence. She is much more appealing than Paige, who comes off as whiney and entitled. Cece is also a much stronger performer, as well as a complete original.


I think cece doesn't have a heart ! horrible person. Ok this is singing competition BUT still, iyk. I just hate people like she.


In all honesty , Paige deserves this . She put so much effort into this . Had inspiration . And acctualy soul and heart into her performances . And CeCe had no heart or soul . It was all about winning . She obviously didn't think about that the most beautiful voices comes from the people who put there all , heart,and soul into there music . clearly she did not cover any of those . And the judges obviously have more of a heart and soft side for Paige because They know her strength . And they know she has what it takes . This is just my opinion though .


Cece is too hot