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It's official: Mitt Romney no longer sings the world's worst version of "America the Beautiful."

A few months after this candidate embarrassed himself with a rendition of that patriotic track, Meat Loaf took the stage at a campaign event in Ohio alongside Romney, John Rich and Randy Owens and free-styled about halfway through the song.

The result? A total trainwreck, and a mortified Mitt Romney.

Note to Mr. Loaf: Listen to Lea Michele. That is how you sing "America the Beautiful."

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Is Kim Kardashian engaged to Kanye West? No.

But did this reality star wear a giant diamond ring in front of the paparazzi this week on purpose, in order to generate buzz that she may actually marry the rapper? Of course.

And did E! News, which airs Keeping Up with the Kardashians, jump all over the non-story? Must you even ask?!?

In the following segment, Kris Jenner addresses the engagement rumor and lets her feelings about Kanye very well known:

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Donald Trump may think Robert Pattinson can do better than Kristen Stewart, but the actor apparently disagrees.

Rob was photographed leaving a Prince concert with Stewart in Los Angeles last night, as both stars tried to hide their faces in the back of a SVU.

But paparazzi cameras were still able to snap a relatively clear picture of Robsten together again.

  • Robert Pattinson Sidewalk Photo
  • Kristen Stewart, Head Down

Rumors of a reconciliation have been going strong for weeks now, of course.

Both actors are jetting around the globe in promotion of Breaking Dawn 2, but they found time for each other during the brief period between media appearances.

That has to mean something, right?

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Emily Maynard and Jef Holm are officially over and you simply won't believe the reason why:

Because one half of this Bachelorette-based couple was in the relationship for publicity reasons only. We know! This is the first time that's ever happened in series history!

Emily Maynard and Jef Holm Interview Pic

Previous reports alleged that Maynard was miserable in the relationship, turned off by Holm's reluctance to serve as a father figure to her daughter Ricki.

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John Sununu is facing harsh criticism today after appearing on Piers Morgan Tonight and explaining his theory on why General Colin Powell has endorsed Barack Obama for President.

Because both men are black, the co-chairman of Mitt Romney's campaign says.

"I think that when you have somebody of your own race that you’re proud of being President of the United States… I applaud Colin for standing with him," the former Governor of New Hampshire said of the ex-Secretary of State.

Watch the exchange now and respond: Should Sununu apologize for such a belittling remark?

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Forget the fighting and the feuding among American Idol judges.

Fox has unveiled its first promo for Season 12 of TV's most-watched show and it focuses instead on the contestants at the center of this competition.

Specifically, last year's winner, Phillip Phillips, the man whose "Home" has soared, shooting to number-one on iTunes and even being featured at the Summer Olympics.

Relive his journey below and look forward to the January 16 return of American Idol:

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You thought you had seen every version and every parody of Gangnam Style, didn't you?

From a Dancing with the Stars rendition to Minecraft Style making like Korean superstar Psy.

But a new video has gone viral in which over 8,500 Halloween lights and 250 channels of computer animation actually come together and sing along to this ridiculously catchy track. Confused? Don't be. Just hit Play...

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Hillary Clinton celebrates her 65th birthday today.

The wife of former President Bill Clinton and the candidate who barely lost out to Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination in 2008, Hillary has emerged as a wildly respected global ambassador.

This Secretary of State has earned praise from both sides of the aisle for her handling of complicated foreign matters and blatant examples of sexism. She's a staunch, respected advocate for women's rights around the world.

She can even recognize a solid set of hooters when she sees them.

Hillary Clinton at the UN

So let's put our partisan dividers down for a moment and wish Hillary a very happy birthday. Send in your best wishes now as we all wonder:

Will she seek a higher office in 2016? Should she?


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A video has emerged of rapper Lil Reese going all Chris Brown on a woman, kicking and punching her after she expresses her extreme displeasure that he's inside her house.

It's unclear when the incident occurred, but Lil Reese - a 19-year old artist recently signed to Def Jam Recordings - made it very clear yesterday that he was the one inflicting harm when he Tweeted about the assault:

The haters tryna see a mf Dwn lol Dey gotta b broke and bored wanna upload sum sh-- from years ago damnn we winnin it's 2 late...#3hunna. Dis wat doin betta den da next mf bring small s--- it's nothin time 2 turn Uppp f--- it...#3hunna.

Yeah. We understand about two of those words.

But watch the video and try not to recoil now. Should Lil Reese apologize? And should he not be behind bars for the next decade or so?

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One former employee of Britney Spears has rushed to the singer's defense.

With Sam Lufti taking the stand this week in a defamation suit against the singer and her family - claiming Britney overdosed on amphetamines and her dad once beat him up, among other charges - Leah Frand has come out and sent a message to Spears' ex-manager:


Smiling Britney Spears

Frand worked for Britney for about half a year in 2007 and tells TMZ she was around the superstar all the time. Was Spears hooked on drugs?

"I have never seen meth in that house or any type of drug," Frand tells the site.

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