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Indians, mermaids and fictional serial killers. Oh my!

In honor of Halloween, a slew of D-listers hit the red carpet of various parties in Las Vegas this weekend, decked out as famous Christian Bale characters, sexy mermaids, native Americans and more!

Who donned the most unique look? Click through now for larger versions of each image and sound off: What are YOU dressing as for Halloween?

  • Scott Disick Halloween Costume
  • Roger Mathews and JWOWW Halloween Costumes
  • Stacy Keibler Halloween Costume
  • Lala Anthony and Kim Kardashian Halloween Costumes
  • Aubrey O'Day Halloween Costume
  • Phoebe Price Halloween Costume

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Amid Joe and Tina Simpson's divorce after 35 years of marriage comes a salacious rumor: that he came out of the closet recently and is dating a young man.

Supposedly, he golfs with Bryce Chander Hill, 21, regularly at his country club.

Joe Simpson Photo

The fresh-faced Hill has been bragging about dating 54-year-old Joe Simpson on/off for around a year and has recounted torrid details of their alleged trysts, according to friends.

Says a source close to Hill:

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Justin Bieber is all about the animals these days.

The singer has inked himself once again, this time showing off a fresh forearm tattoo of an owl, along with the unexplained Instagram caption "Befo the paps get me."

What do you think of the permanent marking?

Justin Bieber Owl Tattoo

Bieber - who now has eight tattoos, including one of Jesus and one of a crown - also introduced fans yesterday to a new member of his entourage, a hamster named Pac.

"Me and #pac on the road," Justin Tweeted, debuting the first photo of his furry friend.

The little guy probably gets to hang around a lot in Bieber's pants. That's one lucky pet.

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Of all the Gangnam Style parodies, PSY might take a particular liking to this one.

The rapper's Korean brethren at the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) took a long break from studying apparently, creating a Boston-themed take on the viral smash.

Watch the school's Korean Students Association's "MIT Gangnam Style" now:

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In a couple new campaign ads, a pair of celebrities talk about what they know.

For Lena Dunham, that's sex.

For beloved comic book guru and The Avengers writer/director Joss Whedon, that's the Zombie Apocalypse.

In an amazing new campaign ad, Whedon calmly warns of how a Mitt Romney administration will lead to "guaranteed poverty, unemployment and overpopulation," all "crucial elements in creating an ideal zombie wasteland."

Seriously, people, Whedon pleas, let's "stop pretending we care about each other and start hoarding canned goods..."

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Madonna told the crowd at her Saturday concert in New Orleans to "vote for Obama" and was promptly booed. The comment also triggered walkouts by several fans:

The pop icon told the audience at the October 27 show, after asking who was registered to vote, "I don't care who you vote for as long as you vote for Obama."

"Seriously, I don't care who you vote for ... Do not take this privilege for granted. Go vote," she later added.

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The San Francisco Giants swept away the Detroit Tigers in the World Series last night, bringing disappointment to fans in Michigan and executives at Fox.

Such a short series meant the network could only trot out four Fox stars for the pregame national anthem, from Phillip Phillips (American Idol) to Matthew Morrison (Glee) to Zooey Deschanel (New Girl) to, last night, Demi Lovato.

How did The X Factor panelist fare? You tell us:

Give Lovato's rendition a grade now:


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Evelyn Lozada will not seek to extend the restraining order barring Chad Johnson from contacting her, according to reports. She just wants to move on.

Chad Johnson, Evelyn Lozada

The ex-NFL star is set to complete his domestic violence intervention program in the next few months, at which point he will ask that the no contact order be dismissed.

If and when that happens, Evelyn would have to request a civil restraining order to keep Chad away, but has decided not to do that, despite his head-butting her.

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Is Bobbi Kristina Brown pregnant? We don't know.

Will Bobbi Kristina Brown soon be a very rich young woman? Oh yes.

Sources confirm to TMZ that Cissy Houston, the mother of the late great singer, is no longer contesting her daughter's will. Bobbi will eventually receive approximately $20 million from Whitney's estate.

Bobbi Brown

A few weeks ago, Cissy and Pat Houston had filed papers with a judge to block the inheritance because they felt it would be "too much, too soon" for an 18-year old who has suffered through substance abuse problems.

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Britney Spears' ex-nanny is a liar and a fraud, according to the liar/fraud who is suing the pop star.

Sam Lutfi says Leah Frand was fired after a week and wouldn't have had a clue about Spears' drug use, which she denied and which is central to Sam's lawsuit.

Absolutely Enormous Breasts

Britney in 2007 ... does she look like a meth addict to you?

Frand claimed Friday that she worked for Britney for six months back in 2007 - during Spears' head-shaving, crazy meltdown period - and never once saw any drugs.

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