It looks like Taylor Swift already has material for her next album.

The musician, who is appearing on every talk show ever created this week in promotion of "Red," has reportedly split from her latest boyfriend, 18-year old Conor Kennedy.

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It can't exactly be denied at this point: Kristen Stewart made a pretty big mistake this summer.

And while the actress didn't directly address the affair that nearly cost her Robert Pattinson, she did open up to Mexican magazine 15 a 20 this week - as part of her international promotion for Breaking Dawn Part 2 - and acknowledged past errors in judgment.

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It's about to be on between Bella Swan and Emmett Cullen.

In the first extended clip from Breaking Dawn Part 2, we see Kellan Lutz's character challenge Kristen Stewart's newborn vampire to an arm wrestling match, determined he can take her.

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