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Your move, Donald Trump.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno yesterday, President Barack Obama was asked about the real estate mogul's supposed election-altering bombshell... which turned out to simply be a bribe related to Obama's college transcripts.

Obama on The Tonight Show

Why is there such animosity from Trump, dating back to his insistence that Obama produce his birth certificate?

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Sam Lutfi took the stand yesterday in his defamation suit against Britney Spears and her family, focusing his ire on the singer's father.

The pop star's ex-manager said Jamie Spears sent him a text in 2007 and he's hoping a judge will permit it into evidence during a trial. The message allegedly reads:

  • Sam Lutfi Getting Food
  • Jamie Spears and Britney

"If and when I met u one thing is going to happen I am going to jail and u r going to the hospital."

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Austin Reed Sigg, a 17-year old Colorado native, has been arrested for the killing of Jessica Ridgeway, a 10-year old in his neighborhood whose body was discovered last Friday.

Austin Reed Sigg Mug Shot

Jefferson County District Attorney Pam Russell told CNN that formal charges of murder and kidnapping will be brought against Sigg on Monday, and he will be tried as an adult.

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Donald Trump tried to drop a bombshell on the 2012 Presidential Election this afternoon... only for it to land with a thud.

The real estate mogul will donate $5 million to a charity of Barack Obama's choice if POTUS unveils his college transcripts?!? That's an offer, not a piece of news.

As you might expect, the non-reveal made for some entertaining Twitter fodder. We've collected some of the best celebrity-based responses below...

Patton Oswalt: "Ransom needy kids for attention! Do it! DO IT!" -- @realDonaldTrump's possessed scalp-mop, which apparently controls him."

Damon Lindelof: "Donald Trump's bold gambit is kinda like Mel Gibson's in RANSOM, except incredibly f--king stupider…Mr. President, I too will write a $5 million check, but only if you can MAKE YOURSELF ACTUALLY TRANSPARENT. (a la Violet from Incredibles)."

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Kim Kardashian has posted a new photo to Instagram.

I just wanna chill in my sweats, the reality star wrote as a caption to this photo, and it's unclear what's stopping her... aside from just having to show the world her sports bra, that is:

Kim Kardashian Instagram Image

This is the second time in a few days Kim has given followers a glimpse of her largely uncovered body.

In anticipation of Halloween, she posted a picture of herself as a sexy cat earlier in the week.

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For all his ridiculous muster, Donald Trump didn't actually break any news with his supposed Barack Obama bombshell today.

But Gloria Allred may have uncovered something sordid about Mitt Romney, and it's all based on a testimony the candidate many years ago involving Staples founder Tom Stemberg and his first wife, Maureen.

Mitt Romney Rallies

According to TMZ sources, Maureen alleges that Romney lied under oath when he told a judge Staples was worth noting, labeling the company's stock as "overvalued" and concluding that he doesn't place a "great deal of credibility in the forecast of the company's future."

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There was no elimination on Dancing With the Stars Tuesday, due to the unusual, debate-induced splitting of the week's routines into two one-hour blocks.

On the plus side, that means at least another week for each of the remaining All-Stars, who performed group routines as well as their individual dances.

Team Call Me Maybe. Team Gangnam Style. Yep, the year's two biggest viral hits got the DWTS treatment. Watch below, then vote for your favorite!

Which DWTS group dance did you like most?


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Tom Cruise has had enough.

A tabloid target throughout his career, the A-lister has finally fired back at two supermarket tabloids for alleging that he's a dead beat dad who abandoned daughter Suri following his divorce from Katie Holmes.

Suri Cruise Abandoned

Bert Fields, the star's attorney, has filed a $50 million defamation lawsuit against Life & Style for its July 30 cover - which screamed SURI IN TEARS, ABANDONED BY HER DAD - and against In Touch for its above headline, which makes the same assertion.

Both publications are owned by Bauer Publishing, which might at least explain their lack of originality.

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Madonna fell on stage during her Dallas concert this week.

Ouch. Fortunately, the legendary singer will be alright. Take a look at the latest YouTube-worthy moment from her always buzz-worthy MDNA tour below:

Madge was mid-way through a rendition of "Like A Prayer" when she fell forward onto the floor, but then salvaged it by turning it into a roll and jumping to her feet.

They don't call her the Material Girl for nothing.

NOTE: We have no idea what that means.

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Earlier this week, following the third and final Presidential Debate, Ann Coulter referred to Barack Obama as a "retard."

The conservative commentator has since come under fire from many on the Left and also a few on the Right. But the following response stands out the most.

Ann Coulter Image

John Franklin Stephens, a competitor in the Special Olympics, has penned an open letter to Coulter.

In it, he writes that he saw Coulter's controversial Tweet and "realized you just wanted to belittle the President by linking him to people like me. You assumed that people would understand and accept that being linked to someone like me is an insult and you assumed you could get away with it and still appear on TV."

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