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The Real Housewives of Miami break out the "Bras and Brawls" as they head to a charity event that looks more like a high end brothel. We recap whose outfit was devilishly inspired and who wore their grandma's lingerie in our THG +/- review.

Joanna's Fur Campaign

Move over Lea. Lisa's throwing her own charity event and what better way to raise awareness for breast cancer than to throw a lingerie party for 800 of your closest friends. Plus 15. It's an inspired idea, even if the event did resemble a high end brothel.

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A pair of ginormous celebrities will soon sit across from each other.

Justin Bieber will be a guest on the November 25 episode of Oprah's Next Chapter, chatting with the talk show queen about such topics as his current tour, life in the spotlight and, of course, Selena Gomez.

Is their relationship was one big PR sham?

It doesn't sound like it based on the sweet way Justin describes how he treats his woman in this sneak peek at the Q&A. Watch now to get an understanding of how Bieber makes Gomez feel special:

Oprah's Next Chapter airs Sunday nights on OWN. Check your local listings.

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Having walked down the aisle, her dreams having come true, Jessica Biel has an announcement to make:

She will soon be Jessica Timberlake!

"Yes, I'm changing my name," the actress says in the latest issue of People, which gives us a look at the Jessica Biel wedding dress. "My professional name will still be the same, but for life, yes, I think it sounds great. I think I really won the jackpot of names."

Jessica Timberlake Picture

And the jackpot of husbands, too, as she exchanged vows with Justin Timberlake on October 19.

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Already a father of two, Levi Johnston will soon commit to just one. Woman, that is.

The man best known for knocking up Bristol Palin will reportedly marry Sunny Oglesby this weekend.

Photo of Levi Johnston

In early September, Johnston and Oglesby welcomed a daughter named Breeze Beretta into the world. Yes, she's named after the Italian firearms manufacturer.

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Barack Obama is featured in the latest issue of Rolling Stone, and less than two weeks before the November 6 election, the President opens up to the publication with some choice words for Mitt Romney.

Foremost among them?

“You know, kids have good instincts," Obama says about the young vote. "They look at the other guy and say, ‘Well, that’s a bullsh***er, I can tell.’”

Barack Obama Rolling Stone Cover

Oh, it's on! Okay, it's been on for months now. But still. Strong words.

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Tina Fey is one unhappy comedian.

The 30 Rock star spoke last night at the Center for Reproductive Rights Inaugural Gala in New York City, using the opportunity to call out Todd Akin of Missouri, Richard Mourdock of Indiana and other politicians who have remarked on abortion and rape over the past few weeks.

"I wish we could have an honest and respectful dialogue about these complicated issues," Fey said. "But it seems like we can't right now. And if I have to listen to one more gray-faced man with a two-dollar haircut explain to me what rape is, I'm gonna lose my mind."

Watch now:

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THG is counting down the 100 Hottest Bikini Bodies of 2012!

From now until the end of the year, we'll be paying tribute to the hottest of the hot with bikini photos galore. The competition is guaranteed to be sweltering.

Keeping the hotness rolling today at #56: Alison Brie!

  • Alison Brie Photo
  • Alison Brie Bikini Picture

Most recently, Petra Nemcova bikini pics were featured. Not too shabby.

Today, it's the 29-year-old, super hot star of NBC's Community.

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Set your DVR, American Idol fans:

Fox has announced that Season 12 of television's highest-rated show will debut over two nights in early 2013: Wednesday, January 16 and Thursday, January 17.

The series has also unveiled a new promotional photo, courtesy of E! News, which at least makes it look like Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj are getting along. At least for the 30 seconds it took to snap this picture...

American Idol Season 12 Promo Photo

Are you excited for Season 12? Do you believe Mariah and Nicki were ever angry at each other? Or, like Steven Tyler, do you think it was all contrived for PR's sake?

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Botanists at Duke University have honored Lady Gaga by naming a new genus of ferns - consisting of an impressive 19 species - after the eclectic pop superstar.

Check out the resemblance!

Gaga and Fern

What gave Duke the idea to do this?

"We wanted to name this genus for Lady Gaga because of her fervent defense of equality and individual expression," said Kathleen Pryer, Duke Professor of Biology.

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