Mildred Baena: Mostly Chopped Out of Schwarzenegger Memoir

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Mildred Patricia Baena, Arnold Schwarzenegger's maid-turned-mistress and secret baby mama, doesn't get a lot of ink in his self-proclaimed tell-all book.

In fact, he pretty much glosses over the whole affair.

Mildred Patty Baena Picture
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It would be pretty hilarious, if it weren't so depressing that he did this to wife Maria Shriver and is now trying to profit from it with the release of Total Recall.

The passage on Mildred Baena reads: "Mildred had been working in our household for 5 years and all of the sudden we were alone in the guest house."

"When Mildred gave birth the following August, she named the baby Joseph."


Then again, everybody pretty much knows about it by now, including Baena and Shriver, so why waste time on the nitty gritty of fornicating with the help.

The book is called Total Recall, though, not Selective Recall. Burn.

Baena was identified as Schwarzenegger's mistress in May 2011.


When Maria and Arnie announced their engagement many moons ago I was stunned. She could have had just about any man she wanted. I thought "WHY is she marrying this d-bag?!"
Still wondering what the attraction was.


.....blame it to the lack of humor americans have.


His book is down the crapper. He seems to not realize that no one cares. The 20,000 copies he sold must be the ones he bought himself and all his cronies on Martha's Vineyard!!!


He is a sick man. He abused his power in this situation, and more than likely many more.

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