Meat Loaf Destroys America the Beautiful at Mitt Romney Campaign Stop

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It's official: Mitt Romney no longer sings the world's worst version of "America the Beautiful."

A few months after this candidate embarrassed himself with a rendition of that patriotic track, Meat Loaf took the stage at a campaign event in Ohio alongside Romney, John Rich and Randy Owens and free-styled about halfway through the song.

The result? A total trainwreck, and a mortified Mitt Romney.

Note to Mr. Loaf: Listen to Lea Michele. That is how you sing "America the Beautiful."



@ baja

Alzheimer's doesn't make someone's voice sound that bad.


I'm not sure Obama voters could relate to me, I have a work ethic. Freddy? You actually answer to that name.


@Barton County Beauty: Your post would be more effective it every other word weren't grammatically incorrect. You really showed those Obama voters just who supports Romney!


I know I'm probably just an old man ranting but, I don't know what's sadder; that they didn't know that to begin with or that they didn't even (as "reporters") bother to check.
No, what's saddest is that I still care about such things and that I bother to comment on them. I have to move on to acceptance, it's the final stage of grieving.


America The Beautiful is not the national anthem of the United States of America. That would be the Star Spangled Banner. Also: Meat Leaf?

@ pner

Obviously your new? You see when one thinks they have some dirt on Romney then they are bordering "Full Wood" and their hands shake on the key board! Thus the reason for Leaf? The "O" is nowhere near the "E" on a keyboard! As someone said- Obama voters are like Christmas lights from last year- MOST WON'T WORK AND WHAT DOES WORK- aren't to bright.

@ Barton County Beauty

It's down to the wire. They're getting desperate. Anything goes. Still and all, Romney keeps surging and all's right with the world.

@ Kansas Girl

They are extremely desperate. I'm thinking of going to the poll dressed as Santa Claus with a Romney sticker across my chest. I love the way CNN tries to act no biased. The Situation room can't even last 5 minutes without the true colors coming out and Brian Williams and NBC's Trayvon 911 tape editing. Do they hope for creditably? Then there is Eva with that- Oh, I didn't tweet that! Obama is hanging out with MTV- I thought they were off the air, Obama will get some tough questions like Boxers or tighty whiteys? 11 more days till INDEPENDENCE DAY!


And the last time I checked, the "Star Spangled Banner" was the national anthem, not "America the Beautiful"


1: It's Meat Loaf, not "Meat Leaf"
2: "America the Beautiful" is not the National Anthem. The "Star Spangled Banner" is.


Meat Leaf?


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