Madonna Booed For Obama Endorsement in Concert

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Madonna told the crowd at her Saturday concert in New Orleans to "vote for Obama" and was promptly booed. The comment also triggered walkouts by several fans:

The pop icon told the audience at the October 27 show, after asking who was registered to vote, "I don't care who you vote for as long as you vote for Obama."

"Seriously, I don't care who you vote for ... Do not take this privilege for granted. Go vote," she later added.

It's the latest in a long line of memorable concert moments from Madonna's MDNA tour, including:

  • Supporting gay rights and Pussy Riot in Russia
  • Dedicating a song to Elton John
  • Revealing a tattoo of Obama's name
  • Showing a swastika superimposed on French political leader's forehead
  • Covering and maybe sort of dissing Lady Gaga
  • Whipping out guns on various occasions
  • Falling on stage in Dallas

Rock n' roll.


She needs to pay more attention to her daughter hating her then the presidential race. I hate celebs that voice their vote, republican or democrat!


Sing your little song, do your little dance - shut up and go away.


Wow! I never knew 'the Material Girl' was so popular with cantakerous old white people, or that these whiney cheapskate TeaBaggers would even attend a Madonna concert!

@ TinyMormonChubby

Do you think she is only popular with ageist racist cock-suckers such as yourself?


Maybe some people are getting tired of celebrities trying to tell them how to think. They went to a concert to be entertained, not have a civic duty lesson. And to memy, if they were cheering before she even said his name, then they weren't cheering about Obama, they were cheering because of Madonna. People don't tend to cheer a statement before it is made, unless you think the people in Louisiana are all psychic and new in advance what she was going to say before she said it.....


HELLO!?!? this shows me how people are! ITS CLEAR the commenting folk are only looking at the article because it appears to be anti obama. DID YOU EVEN LISTEN TO THE VIDEO!?! THE ENTIRE CROWD IS CHEERING FOR OBAMA!!! And then there was a couple in a front seat and she asked "Are they booing" looking down at them! THE CROWD was cheering obama BEFORE she even stated his name even! Are you people just talking to be talking?!?!

@ memyselfandall

Oh my goodness- you have been hit in the head with a set of Rhino nuts this weekend haven't you! They booed her stinky ass in Houston 2 days before and the same in the Big Easy! Celebrites are not worth shit. Obama is going away and the best thing the punch of you can do is try and find a job..


Good for her.


Madonna is trying to be still be hip, but political endorsements at a concert? She's an entertainer!...who's wants to hear who she supports when you pay to see her gyrate and sing? And speaking of gyrating, how old is this woman now? Geez. A little too old to be falling for that hopey-changey talk again.


I am sure glad I gave away my free ticket to the concert. I would have walked out. Booooo Madonna.

@ Jake

The fact that you would have walked out demonstrates your inability to make rational decisions, and why you'll always vote for the wrong candidate.

@ Honestly?

What a stupid comment. On what planet is walking out in the instance outlined in the story rational? Maybe your fuzzy thinking is the reason you always vote for the wrong candidate?


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