Lindsay Lohan to Dad: "F*%king Devil" Mom is COKED UP!

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Lindsay Lohan made a plea for help to her father last night during her epic fight with her mom, claiming she was being kidnapped by a coked-up Dina Lohan.

It's pretty insane. Listen to the hysterical phone call below:

The Lindsay Lohan-Dina Lohan fight broke out this morning after they left an NYC club at 4 a.m. The two were in a limo en route to Dina's Long Island house.

After they got to the house, their heated argument got physical, after which Lindsay called up her father, Dina's ex-husband Michael Lohan.

"Dad, she's on cocaine. She's like touching her neck, and sh!t," Lindsay Lohan said.

LiLo told her dad the fight ignited over money and that she gave her mom $40,000.

This was because Dina claimed she needed it to save her home from foreclosure. 

Lindsay then said that she wanted her money back, and Dina freaking lost it on it.

"She's saying disgusting things to me ... I'm dead to her now," Linds told MiLo.

Lindsay says her mom is calling her "nuts ... she's like the f**king devil right now."

The 26-year-old star adds that "I have a gash on my leg from what happened."

No charges were filed, although police responded to a 911 call from the house.

Pretty sad and incredible all around, while explaining a lot about Lindsay Lohan.

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That was as sad (to me at least) as almost anything I have heard. That "mother" is Lindsey's problem. Took 40 grand from her daughter, went out and got drunk and doped up and made a scene, then threatens to call cops on daughter, when she knows that's what daughter fears the most. The mother is a POS.


Well, if she is devil mom...he is devil dad. Fits him better anyhow. He's just jealous that Lohan may lay some money on his ex(her mom) vs. him!!


who the heck in the world is out partying at a club until 4am with their addict daughter??? Lordy do these people need to all be separately helped.


This family is out of this world....
Dina and Michael Lohan are bad example to the children ....drugs,fights,money,jail,girlfriends,drunknessshoe beatings and bad parenting to their 4 kids.
She moved back to New York to find some peace...but this poor girl she cannot find any..........


With parents like Lindsay's, she doesn't stand a chance. Hate to say it but I predict that Lindsay Lohan will be apart of the 27 club. I sure hope I'm wrong but I don't believe I am though. She'll be dead much in the way that Amy Winehouse was when everyone thought she had got her act together.


There really should be an inter entice program for celebrity young adults like Lindsay Lohan!
This sheds light on a lot of things....Her mother,treats her as an ATM machine,and obviously doesnt care-about her psychological issues,since she helped create them,and clearly needs her daughter messed up,in order to keep manipulating her.So sad,she should divorce her...and get treatment and get her dad more involved in her life!


with both of the sickmaking lohan's the inside of their nose is practically gone due to snoring punds of COKE.


That's no excuse for Lindsay, many people have
!ucked up parents, but yet she continues to bankroll her. Lindsay has the means to get away but she never does. She could also take her brothers and sister with her. So many people are against drugs and alcohol because of what it has done to their love ones. I got away and took my siblings with me and believe me it was hard I don't have million not even thousands but yet I got far away and took my 4 brothers and sisters. No excuse for Lindsay.


These two hoes should be in porn as a mother/daughter team dick suckers


"...explaining a lot about Lindsay Lohan." Yes indeed! Growing up in a house with a mother like that and an abusive father as well, a child would have had to be very strong to grow up to be someone responsible. Unfortunately, Lindsay wasn't strong enough, and she is suffering. As for those criticizing her here, I feel sorry for you because you cannot see what's going on, even when a pretty picture of it is painted right in front of you.

@ Frogmore

Lindsay and Mom were out clubbing till 4 a.m. together, enough excuses for the 26 year old woman. Lindsay has been offered a lot of help over the years from various people and institutions and the thanks they get is a fu with her middle finger. We all see what is going on, manipulation by the Lohan media whore family, time after time.