Lindsay Lohan Royally Pissed at Dad; Will Seek Restraining Order Against Michael Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan has HAD IT with Michael Lohan, and the events of this month - leaking the phone call during her fight with her mom, and Friday's intervention attempt - were the last straw.

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The actress will seek a restraining order against him, according to reports.

Lindsay's mom has been encouraging her to do this ever since MiLo secretly recorded and leaked a phone call she made detailing the epic fight with Dina earlier this month.

LiLo wasn't on board with seeking legal protection ... until now.

Originally she felt that cutting him off was good enough; now she thinks the only way to stop her dad from pulling any more crazy stunts is to get a judge involved.

Linds is planning to begin the process this week supposedly.

Stay tuned.


If she hates her father so much why did she call him for help in the first place. They are all 3 whacked. Maybe Brittany Spears father should step in and straighten out this girl.


@frogmore if people only knew the kind of childhood I had, it would be a lifetime movie of the week! But what kept my sanity is therapy. Lots of it! When I could've so easily gone down the road of drugs and alcohol and possible jail. I wish Lindsay would wake up and see where her life is heading before its too late. But that's wishful thinking right?


where will thiend?
...........A GUN IN HER MOUTH?
.................AN OVERDOSE HEROINE? you name it, folks!!


According to the reports, SHE called him. What good is a restraining order going to do if SHE calls him?
Stupid broad!!!


This kid doesn't have a fair shot at a decent life! Lindsay is going to be dead soon. Think about it, she's 26 now this time next year, she'll be apart of the 27 club just like winehouse. Only she wont be remembered for a of the good she's ever done, she'll be remembered for all of her missteps in life. I hate to say that but its true. I can imagine it now, poor Lindsay dead, both parents blame one another for her early demise. Then eventually go on Barbara Walters or Oprah to reunite and bare thier wretched greedy fame hungry souls before they finally bury the hatchet with eachother once and for all....pathetic I know but it could happen right? Just sayin'!

@ Marianna

Many have far worse childhoods than this kid had, but the difference is, they're stronger and smarter than she is. If she doesn't wise up soon, you're right - she'll end up dead. Surprised she isn't already.


This is the Family Van Wackos!

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