Lindsay Lohan: Dina Lohan Was NOT on Coke, Michael Lohan is Dead to Me Now

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Lindsay Lohan wants to set the record straight about her blowout fight with mom Dina, and how she feels about her dad Michael secretly recording their phone call.

First off, LiLo says she lied about her mom being on cocaine during the fight.

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"I told my dad a really hurtful and untruthful lie about my mom. She was not on cocaine," the 26-year-old said on celebrity gossip program TMZ Live.

That supposed lie was played for all the world, since MiLo likes to record phone calls and release them to the media - a fact Lindsay is justifiably PISSED about.

Lindsay says that Michael Lohan betrayed her trust by releasing her desperate phone call to the media and that she is now "done" with him forever.

Michael "doesn't know what it means to be and doesn't want to be a dad," she says. Ouch.

Why Lindsay called her dad in the first place, knowing his track record, we have no idea. Why he sold her out to the media? That's Michael Lohan for you.

Exactly happened 48 hours ago, we may never know. But Linds is on Team Dina now.

Lindsay then tried to downplay Wednesday morning's argument, saying, "Daughters have fights with their moms. It happens a lot. It's normal."

Sorry, but the Lindsay Lohan-Dina Lohan fight was by no means normal.

Lindsay also said Dina had not been drinking: "That's my dad that had that issue. And I got it from that side of the family. Has my mom had any reason to go to rehab?"

"Has she ever done that? No. That's my father and me."

"[My mom is] an amazing woman," she added. "I think everyone kind of knows that my father's main objective had always been to destroy my mom…"

According to Lindsay, she threw Dina under the bus momentarily because she "lied about things that I said just because I was angry and I was having a fight."

If Michael Lohan hadn't leaked it, she says, they "would've talked about it, and would've been fine in the morning. But my dad had to go the extra mile."

"I should've known better [than to call him]," The Canyons star said of her ex-father. "[But] I called my dad, because who else am I gonna call?"

DCFS perhaps.


Its very sad. Lindsay has no one. Some people rise in adversities and some crumble under it. As a young girl its clear she was a pawn used by both parents and has now become part director of the puppet show. If she continues down this road all she can expect is disaster. Her dad is a media wh**e and her mum a psychotic parasite. Its so sad I remember her old movies. She's already a has been at 26.


I swear I hear her say to her father that the mother was on Coke. And I do believe her. If you saw Dina on Dr Phil she was surely on something. Dr Phil should have said or done something then. Correct she is always psssst at one parent or the other. What a mess. If her mother was this bad she should have called the police not the father and ex husband. All 3 of them are stupid addicts.


He was dead to you a couple of years ago. She fights with mom she calls dad,She fights with dad she calls mom.This is one screwed up family.Please go bury yourselves under some really big bolder's and stay there. None of you will be missed


The family Lohan. Why aren't they on MTV?


This girl is about as dysfunctional and narcissistic as they come. She lives in a fantasy world. Sadly, she will end up dead from self destruction within 5 years.


Okay, hearing the phone call, Lindsay was most definitely being sincere. So sad she's backtracking because she is so enmeshed in a co-dependent relationship with her mother. (But I must be deaf because I couldn't make out the coke comment at all. Anyone want to tell me what minute, second it's said? Thanks.)

@ Kats

This family displays textbook co-dependent/narcissist dynamic. Lilo is obviously the narcissist here. It's tragic. I would not trade my lousy $100K/yr salary for her money and misery. If Lilo doesn't get on the path of recovery....which takes years and years of inner work, she will end up dead within 5-10 years.


I call shenanigans. She told her dad her mom was drinking and on coke, AND MEANT IT. She will to her dying breath it seems, protect her mom, so she told the media her dad shouldn't have released the call partly because she wasn't honest about the coke use, and it's putting her mom in a bad light. I can see someone (usually a younger person, prone to certain hyperboles) who might say on the phone to someone from whom they want help, something like: "I don't know why they're doing this. Maybe because they're on crack!" A statement like that is usually from a teen, making a sarcastic remark about someone's bad behavior. But you can bet, veteran substance user, LiLo TO veteran substance user Michael, waa in fact truthfully--not sarcastically nor angrily (as she really claims)--states her mom was on coke. By the way. Linds, if you think your mom has never had a problem, you must be the only one in America not familiar with her "under the influence" Dr. Phil interview!


things go better with coke

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