Kristen Stewart Double Life: Exposed!

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Be careful, Robert Pattinson. A master manipulator now lives next door to you.

According to the latest issue of OK! Weekly, Kristen Stewart - who, by all accounts, is dating Pattinson again - is living a double life.

Nay, as this cover so explicitly states, a TWISTED double life!

Kristen Stewart OK! Cover

Stewart "tricked" Pattinson into this reunion, anonymous sources apparently tell the tabloid, adding that the actress has "other men" on the side and that Robert's friends have rallied around the cause:

"She won't get away with this!" they supposedly say.

Alas, we dare worry, fellow Twihards: What if she already has?!?


i dont get why people are getting involved with their relationship let them be.
i dont think kristen would go low anyway. she loves him get over it people their happy why break it up. let them live there life in peace.


Wish the tabloids, Rob's so called "friends" would butt out of his business!!! I truly do not understand why or what is the piurpose of intruding on his personal life. It is hurtful, intrusive, and down right ugly! Leave Kristen and Rob be whatever they. Its seems to appear his and her friends are jealous and are out to distroy them as a couple and professionally!!!! Enough is enough!!! Their friends need to get a life and let them live theirs!!!


Robert Pattinson should not even listen to those lies especially from his so called friends. They should be in his corner no matter what. Leave them alone and worry about your own life.


Donald Trump you are a a-hole and always been one.
Now that people heard Rob & Kristen are back together everyone brings things out the wood work. of her cheating with other men. where are the pictures?
People should stop making up things.When a man gets caught( Jasen Aldean,Rubert) you here nothing,but you want to kill Kristen.Why not the men?

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