Kate Gosselin Offered Nude TV Hosting Gig

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CoupinCabin fired Kate Gosselin last week, but she's just received HOT new job offer.

Vivid Entertainment wants the mother of eight to host her own show on the company's new cable division, VividTV. There's only one minor caveat:

Full. Nudity.

Katherine Gosselin

Vivid Entertainment CEO Steven Hirsch wrote to Kate: "We have binders full of women who would love the job, but you're definitely our first choice."

Well played there.

In Vivid's offer letter obtained by celebrity news site TMZ, it says they will allow Kate Gosselin to have a flexible schedule to spend time with her eight kids.

Really, how could she say no to that kind of generosity?


Although I would LOVE to see this beautiful woman naked, I do not think she should take the job unless SHE actually wanted to do it. If she does it just for the money she eill regret it later Doing it for the money simply, eans she is allowing herself to be used.


she is just plain pathetic-if she ever comes to her senses she will immediately close her mouth and never be seen or heard from again-then and only then will she and her children have any chance of a normal, healthy life-this will happen when pigs fly!


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