Justin Bieber Vomit: The Animated Video!

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Forget the millions of Twitter followers or the number of albums sold. Here is how Justin Bieber knows he really made his big:

The singer's vomit has been immortalized.

As previously detailed, Bieber threw up on stage during the first stop on his "Believe" tour - and the Taiwanese animators at Next Media Animation, who have famously mocked such events as the Tiger Woods scandal, have recreated the event for all to enjoy.

With a few liberties taken, that is. Watch for yourself:


so he vomit who cares very one in this world vomits so gives he is a person just like us so he is famous he made a mistake so what leave him alone i love him in all but it not his fault so there - i love u justin

Rosa mary rudolf

Please support on FB for Justin Bieber pukes on the stage gossip ! It's normal. He's innocent, don't blame him for what he did normally. Everybody pukes http://www.facebook.com/pages/...


ooh please shut up.


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