John Sununu, Mitt Romney Campaign Co-Chair, Attributes Colin Powell Obama Endorsement to Race

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John Sununu is facing harsh criticism today after appearing on Piers Morgan Tonight and explaining his theory on why General Colin Powell has endorsed Barack Obama for President.


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    Just one of the many reasons are country is broke!!

    The Obama extravaganza two years ago for Mexican President Felipe Calderon, which included a performance by pop star Beyonce, cost $969,793, or more than $4,700 per attendee, the documents show.


    Great words today from Charlie Woods, the father of Tyrone Woods " former Navy Seal" who died trying to help the trapped at the Embassy in Libya! Charlie Woods needs some answers from the White House. It was a 7 hour firefight and the State Department were watching from the 1st shot fired in real time! How bout it Obama? You gonna give Hilliary the same amnesty as Eric Holder? Are you really for ALL the people or when it's suits your personal political needs? Obama don't you understand that David Letterman or Jay Leno or Whoopi Goldberg or Joy Behar or Pimp with a limp- they don't need answers!


    Should John Sununu apologize? Of course, not. He has a right to his assessment of C. Powell. If Jessie Jackson was asked who he supports you know what the answer would be....and why. 'Course ya don't see where any reporter has wasted their time to do so because it's a "no-brainer" answer---and the reason for Jessie's choice goes without saying.

    @ Kansas Jayhawk

    Your right- Sununu needs to apologize for what? The truth? Are the Liberals feelings hurt? Go boycott a Chick-Fil-A! Find Sandra Fluck and take her with you! The left are racist that includes that Hairlipped Schultz.


    I didn't see any problems when Colin Powell, was sided with Bush. So what's the big deal? That Mr.Powell called out all the lying republican. I have never seen so much hate on just one man. Obama did not mess this Country up. People we are the only one's to be blame. So now, Mr.Powell is a racist! SMH.....

    @ Neci

    On one man? Your wrong, we cant stand any of you. Mess it up? He messed it up worse and the real problem is- he doesn't beleive it! The last 4 are gone and everyone has seen that obama has no clue. It is impossible to survive economically with Obama in for 4 more. You would have to had been in a coma for 4 years not to see this or Racist, one of the 2.

    @ Neci

    I will agree- the way people have slandered Romney and people who vote for Romney is awful. What has been said about Rimney and his wife shows the capabilities of the left. They are the worst of the worst.


    It's odd to say the least that every time an apology is in demand it's because of what some Republican has said about another. Where is Snoop Dogs apology or Maxine Waters apology? Somehow Liberals beleive they are above all this? Even the people on these blogs cry racism only when a white talks out to oppose something. Surely people can't expect any sort of reconciliation with those rules.


    Yeah- it needs to stop. Colin Powell of course was G Bush secretary of state- one term. For the most part Powell had been level headed, intelligent and in the Republican camp and for him to endorse Obama is not logical. when people hear Morgan Freeman call Republicans racist, where is the barking then????? With OBAMAS record- for Powell who is a foreign policy expert who sees the mess this country is in- its a racial decision by Powell and a stupid decision on top of that! Look at the tweets and the liberal news people- all have called Mitt Romney and racist and their is not one damn ounce of evidence of truth to that! Liberals you have made your bed and people are sick of it. An Obama win will divided every part of this country for years to come.


    This needs to stop. People need to start thinking before they speak. It just gets everyone in trouble - on both sides of this election.

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