Heather Clem: Devastated by Hulk Hogan Sex Tape!

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Your big d-ck feels so good in my p-ssy.

Heather Clem may be quoted as expressing this sentiment in the now-infamous Hulk Hogan sex tape making its way around the Internet - but sources say the 38-year is anything but pleased with the release of this video.

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“Heather is completely devastated the sex tape has appeared in public and doesn’t want to talk about it,” a friend tells Radar Online. “She thinks it puts her in a bad light – it’s not as if Hulk’s a hunk and it’s a pretty embarrassing moment."

That's a valid point.

Clem is also the ex-wife of Hogan's best friend, DJ Bubba the Love Sponge. She loses some point there, as well.

Then there's the footage itself, during which Hogan halts Clem mid-encounter and checks his cell phone.

When the act is complete, the former WWE champion pats his stomach and tells his partner he had eaten a few minutes earlier and “felt like a pig” while they were having intercourse.

Seriously. We have no idea why Clem is so humiliated.

For all of this, meanwhile, Hogan may pocket millions. Somewhere, Kim Kardashian is giving him a virtual fist pound.


Maybe Heather is embarassed because Hulk Hogan is a true pig. It must eat away at her to remember she was involved in a sex act with this piece of crap. YUK!

@ lindy loo

Lindy Loo.
If this is linda ya already beat him at his own game by geting a 19 year old boy young enough to be your son,
when he started datinng Ms. McDanial who although not quite as young as brooke, she looked like she could've been brookes biological older sister or your younger self, as you look a lot like your daughter. And I cant remember your boy toys name, I could only remember her last name as it is the same last name as a former friend of Mine from grade school who looked like he could've been brothers.
some years ago I found out we have the same dentest and I currently live in a condo that his mother either lives in, or used to live in.
it would be funny if Mis Mc'Danial were related.
Any how, point is it seems to me that Linda And Terry are both still very hurt, and very in love. which makes for a pair of very stuborn pride filled Morons who would rather Die then admit to themselves much less to the world what a couple of total Idiots..

@ lindy loo

seems to me lindy she was the one doing the eating anyone stupid enough to make a sex tape with a celebrity these day deserves to be publicly embarrassed and humiliated as it is no secret that quite a few celebrity sex tapes have come out so the question to ask yourself if your a celebrity or a nobody in a sex tape with a celeb is not how are you going to feel if the sex tape surfaces, but when it surfaces.
Because dont doubt for a second it may take awhile to publicly surface, BUT IT IS GOING TO SURFACE!! Dummies! CLASS DISMISSED!

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