Glued Hands Mom: Elizabeth Escalona Faces Sentencing For Child Abuse

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Elizabeth Escalona, a mother who admitted to beating her 2-year-old daughter and gluing the child's hands faces severe punishment for that mistreatment.

Elizabeth Escalona Mug Shot

Police say Escalona lost her temper with young Jocelyn Cedillo over potty training issues.

That's putting it mildly. Escalona allegedly beat and kicked Jocelyn before sticking her hands to the wall using an adhesive commonly known as Super Glue.

The child was hospitalized for days.

Escalona pleaded for leniency this week, saying she was no longer that "monster."

"I will never forgive myself for what I did to my own daughter," she said.

Having pleaded guilty in July to felony injury to a child, Escalona could face mere probation or many, many years in prison based on the offense.

Judge Larry Mitchell has a wide range in determining that.

Defense attorney Angie N'Duka asked Escalona what she thought of photos that prosecutors presented earlier this week showing her daughter's injuries.

"Only a monster does that," Escalona responded. "When that happened, I was [one] ... I want everybody to know I'm not a monster. I love my kids."

Sure thing.


My prayers are w/Jocelyn & her brothers & sisters, i cried when i read this. So SAD.......


She deserves life in tdc not fed that way she can get treated like a dog & hopefully get beat up everyday.


And where the hell are the men who contributed seed to create these five children???


Updates on this story show she got 99 years. Her children are now all with her mother. That causes me a bit of concern for two reasons. First of all, where did SHE learn it was ok to do this from (I hope not her mother who now has all the children), and Second, why didn't this grandmother who now has the children step in to protect her grandchildren while this was going on??? Cause I'd bet my last dollar this child isn't the only one out of the five that has been abused by this mother, at least during potty-training. Someone had to see evidence long before it got this bad. Praying for the children, the only ones I care about in this situation.


None of the articles I've read about this say where the father/father(s) of her five children are or were when she was torturing this toddler. Anyone who gets angry with a child over potty-training simply doesn't know what's going on, how to do it, how long it can take, what to do if it truly is taking too long, etc. The bottom line is - First, All children are different (just like all adults are different). Second, It can take weeks OR years. Third, You have to expect accidents and setbacks - sometimes many of them. Fourth, You're their coach, not their master or dictator. And fifth, Even if a child is still having accidents up to the time they start kindergarten or first grade, it will generally stop soon after because of peer pressure and embarrassment...few have graduated from high school in diapers. So get a grip!!!


Some people shouldn't have children. Pinche chola de la senguda b*tch should have her hands super glued to the wall, let's see how she likes it. I'd like to kick her and slap her around a few time too. I hope the state takes her kid and tie her tubes. Human Garbage.


Playing devil's advocate here so don't hate. As a mother of a 2 year old I understand the frustration that parents might go through with things. However NEVER EVER EVER is it right to punish your child in such manner!!!!!! I myself feel like pulling my hair out at times and I admit I yell at my son when he wakes me up at 3 am because his tablet is not working, but at the end of it I know he doesn't understand that mommy needs sleep to work in the morning. So Ms. Escalona l I have one thing to tell you! STOP BREATH and glue your own damn hands to your face!


Oh my gosh! She should be ashamed, but that doesn't mean she should get off lightly. I really do hope the judge will be fair and give her what she deserves. It is so unfortunate that poor little Jocelyn has such a monster for a mother. My goodness it takes a lot of patience to raise kids. She almost killed her child, and i really hope she gets what she deserves.

@ CH

She needs to be put away for good, the child will need serious help for a long time to come