Gloria Allred Plotting "October Surprise" Against Mitt Romney?

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Is Gloria Allred planning on dropping an "October Surprise" bombshell on Mitt Romney's campaign?

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That's the rumor going around, based on reliable GOP sources already bracing for a counterattack.

Matt Drudge tweeted Thursday: "Here she comes. Hearing Gloria Allred out there again, about to make a move. After all, it's her time of the campaign. Team O at the ready!!"

The Red Side of Life, another GOP watchdog group warned its supporters of the need for action:

"We're doing too well to risk 'an Allred,' she can be stopped, but it will take action on our behalf."

Allred, a supporter of President Barack Obama refused to confirm, or deny, Drudge's prediction.

A victim's rights activist who never met a camera she didn't like, Allred's reputation precedes her.

She's been a thorn in the side of many a powerful figure - and often with flimsy evidence at best.

So what would she have in store for Romney, the surging Republican presidential candidate?

Breitbart speculates that it may have to do with Romney's position on abortion in his capacity as a church leader, and that Obama's "Romnesia" bit may be telling.

Romney allegedly - allegedly, details vary widely - was insensitive to several women in his Mormon congregation and counseled them not to get abortions.

This issue arose during his bid for the U.S. Senate in 1994, during which the term "Romnesia" was also used to describe his inability to recall specific details.

This is perhaps reason to believe Allred is preparing to use this against Romney in 2012, and may be doing so in coordination with the Obama campaign.

"October Surprise" is a term used to describe ... well, just that. A late-breaking, out-of-nowhere development at this time of year that shakes up a close race.

With polls showing the race a dead heat and probably trending toward Romney with 15 days to go, we can expect some craziness to emenate from both sides.

Whether there's any truth to this Allred rumor remains to be seen, however.


Obama and his sheepdog did this against Rep Ryan in Il when he was running for Illinois Senator. And no one doesen't think that Chicago punk and his minions aren't behijnd this?

@ Buffrat

Quick question: do you know what state Paul Ryan hails from? I'd suggest you do a little basic fact checking if you want to be taken seriously. Ryan = from Wisconsin and has never run for Senate, ever. Good day.

@ Parker

You should do some fact checking yourself. JACK Ryan is from Illinois and ran against Obama. He did until the shady Obama team had embarrassing divorce court records unsealed....


I've always suspected that Gloria Allred has become little more than an ambulance chaser. In her response to a question from Radaronline, Allred said, "I don't discuss meetings with potential clients" She going to court to unseal records and she only has "potential" clients? She's not only an ambulance chaser, she's a blood sucker!


I sum up Gloria Allred like this...she'll run over A-N-Y-O-N-E that gets in her way. And, by the way, Gloria needs to seriously re-think that boring and outdated-looking hairstyle/hairdo of hers...LOL!!!!!

@ jaybird369

What in the world does her hair have to do with anything?

@ Sarah me, Gloria Allred's hair makes her look even more old and even more of an arrogant B-I-T-C-H...LOL!!!!!


I don't care if Romney screwed, blewed and tattooed pope, has my vote.


Allred is a witch with a 'b'. If she had anything of TRUE value, she'd have spewed it long before now. Also, as a church leader, it's Romney's responsibility to counsel women against abortion. What church leader doesn't?


Romney as a church leader counceling women not to get abortions.....what exactly is the October surprise in that? A church leader who believes in the sanctity of life and councels church members to do the same a surprise? Really? That's all she can come up with? If Allred was a true victims rights advocate she would stand up for the rights of the innocent babies that are victims of abortion. This is a twisted world we live in. God help us all.


I'm very tolerant of people and their beliefs. I also hesitate to pass judgment on others. But having said that, Gloria Allred disgusts me like few people on Earth can.

@ jaydog

Just like Romney and Paul Ryan disgust me!! Ugghhh!


Kidding, right? As a church bishop Romney did what a Catholic, Orthodox Jewish, Baptist or Muslim cleric would do since they all take the same view of abortion. You think women care about this? Get a clue - women care about decent schools, the price of gas and groceries, rising college costs, not being able to find a job. If she thinks that some woman's prenatal hospital visit 30 years ago is going to derail the womens vote, she is out of touch with real women who are not overpaid celebrity lawyers.


If that is all that he did trust me, then as a woman I wouldn't care, With gas prices mysteriously up, the blame game in Libya not resolved, what is our future economy outlook etc., etc. I think Ms. Allred's days of blazin' I gotcha died with Amber Frye. Unless of course Mitt had an affair with Honey Boo Boo's mom.


No surprise that an ambulance chaser supports a democrat. GOP is generally behind tort reform. That would seriously limit Gloria's compensation. Plus she just has to be in the limelight.

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