Donald Trump Announcement: Mogul Offers $5M to Charity if Obama Releases College Transcripts

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Donald Trump's much-touted Obama "bombshell" announcement really wasn't much of one ... although he did make an intriguing offer to the President.

The Donald claimed credit for getting the President to release his birth certificate last year, then called on him to be fully transparent with the public.

If Obama releases his college transcripts, passport applications and other records by October 31, Trump will cut a $5 million check to his charity of choice.

That's it. As PR stunts go, not his best work.

As many predicted, Trump focused on Obama's perceived lack of transparency, though he sort of misled us into thinking he actually had some new info on the guy.

Anyway, should Obama take Trump up on it?

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My guess is that as time winds down Trump will keep upping the ante from $5000. The scuttlebutt is that Obama applied and got into Columbia as a foreign exchange student. My suggestion. Just show the paperwork and let Trump be seen as the moron he is. there a real reason not to do so Mr. Obama???


Donald Trump Sir! You are a Thug!With Money! A Lot of Mitt Romneys Money has been Via China,yet he professes In front of millions of Americans that he wants to or he will get more jobs for the people of thU.S.A?This man stands only for people that can line his pockets and his ego.He can go for all the spray tans he wants,the deceiver behind it shines through.We the people are not rich with money! Rich in Mind , Rich in Heart, Rich in Soul and Sight!


His donation was made to the Mormons...which they "required" to give 10%. I suggest everyone read up on the LDS and think very hard.


If he didn't have anything to hide he would be transparent. So I believe there's something he doesn't want us to know. Frankly, I'm tired of being lied to by greedy, power hungry politicians who do not have the country's best interest in mind.


I love Obama but I think he should do this for a couple of reasons. Firstly, there are a lot of people wondering why this is such a big issue to the president to avoid doing so. Secondly, he would prove beyond a doubt that Trump is a big gasbag. And thirdly, the charity of the President's choice would score $5M. A great big Win-Win-Win situation!


Rumour has it that President Obama will not show his docs because he applied to university as a foreign exchange student. I'm not saying any of this is true but I wish he would just show the damned things and get on with more important things like running the country. For all of you who don't know, all other presidential contenders and presidents have done so when asked. To say he shouldn't show his documentation is unfair to a democratic right for all of us to know. Just what if, just what if, he does have something to hide? Wouldn't all of the apologists feel like fools?


Regardless of whether or not The Donald is a horse's ass or not, he does raise an issue that has indeed bugged me. Why won't President Obama show these items to the public and dismiss The Donald and his ilk as the idiots they truly are. But why won't he? Is there in fact something to hide?


Please list for me the Presidents who have released their college transcripts. And while you're at it, I raise you by ten to see Romney's tax returns for the last ten years, like his father did.


Seriously, Then I'd like to see Romney's taxes from previous years. Stupid, ugly, bald, lame, big mouthed loser Trump who doesn't want to pay more taxes so you'll do anything underhanded to get your candidate to win. looks like your losing there buddy.

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