Donald Trump Announcement: Mogul Offers $5M to Charity if Obama Releases College Transcripts

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Donald Trump's much-touted Obama "bombshell" announcement really wasn't much of one ... although he did make an intriguing offer to the President.

The Donald claimed credit for getting the President to release his birth certificate last year, then called on him to be fully transparent with the public.

If Obama releases his college transcripts, passport applications and other records by October 31, Trump will cut a $5 million check to his charity of choice.

That's it. As PR stunts go, not his best work.

As many predicted, Trump focused on Obama's perceived lack of transparency, though he sort of misled us into thinking he actually had some new info on the guy.

Anyway, should Obama take Trump up on it?


I wouldnt do it and it has nothing to do with "hiding something"No one has asked any other President to release this sort of information. Why not offer Mitt this money to show us his tax returns...thats much more interesting...I would have actually liked to see Bush's to confirm how stupid I really believe he was.


Trump should get other anonymous people/companies to match that figure to drive the amount up to 50MM, 100MM, 500MM... a huge number... then... when Obama does not release the info (which we all know he will not), it will be 110% clear that he is definitely hiding something. I personally feel that this is a very good move on Trumps part. Very strategic.

@ Richard

You poor,poor bigots, praying, hoping, waiting for something that will show this President is not legitimate!!! Look, chump, Obama graduated from Harvard with a Magna Cum Laude----do you even understand what it takes to achive that??? Guys like you and Trump make me sick. Do us a favor---when Obama wins again, you will get back on the boat that carried your butt here, and get out !!

@ PBerg

Chump? Really? Poor? Wow. Bigot? Very interesting response. My point is simple, and I will actually refrain from name calling... that Barack Hussein Obama could simply put all of us "bigots" to rest by simply presenting some simple documents. I mean really... come on... he is a US Citizen right? Nothing on those transcripts that he wouldn't want us to see right? Nothing in his US Passport he wouldn't want us to see is there? Of course not. He is an upstanding person that would never mislead any of the US citizens. So, with that said... this is a fantastic opportunity for him to put all those "poor, poor bigots" to rest. Once and for all!! You know. And, sorry for making you sick... I know it must be difficult always having to defend a guy that is usurping the Constitution... it must get old. I get it.


Trump has dug his own grave under the outhouse.


Trump has dug his own grave. Its below the outhouse.


Hell, I think Americans should all chip in for a $5 million fund to have a lobotomy performed on "The Donald" followed immediately by permanent exile to some frozen gulag without ANY media access. Now THAT'S a charity we can all support. Just SHUT THE HELL UP ALREADY DONALD!


I think Obama should agree to release his transcripts if Romney agrees to release his income tax records and have "total transparency" as well. Why doesn't Trump make this offer to both candidates?


He should offer Mitt that amount to show his tax returns. That's where the BIG news lies.

@ Lisa

Romney has already released his tax returns. Where have you been for the past month?

@ Bob

He released two years returns, which happened to be the years after he decided to run for President. Yes, He gave to charity but did not take the full tax credit so that his tax rate would be over 14% as he had contended during the primaries. If he had taken the full credit, his rate would have been closer to 12-13%, much lower than the general public. It is expected that he will amend his return for the full credit after the election.


I used to work for this clown.


Go hide your face in the and Trump. You are making a fool of yourself as usual.

@ Darlene

sorry, that was supposed to be sand.


What?! This is assinine Trump! This is no game-changer, this is not newsworthy! This is you being stupid and petty and being the attention whore that you are!

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