David Correy Dominates "Domino" on The X Factor

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David Correy has a message for Diamond White and Carly Rose Sonenclar:

Not so fast, ladies!

With praise (rightfully) reigning down on these very young women, the X Factor contestant stepped up to the microphone in front of L.A. Reid, Justin Bieber and Scotter Braun last night and delivered an impressive cover of "Domino.'

Between his voice, his look and his story of seeking out his birth mom, it's hard to believe Corry won't be a factor on Season 2...


I want to give David Correy props for doing a great job on The X Factor. He’s a force to be reckoned with and I think he has what it takes. I enjoy watching this reality show with the wife who really enjoys it. You never know what’s going to happen on a reality show like this one and that’s what keeps my attention. I record The X Factor and some of my other primetime favorites using the PrimeTime Anytime feature using my Hopper DVR. I’m glad my coworker at DISH told me about this sweet feature. I’ve been able to make everyone happy at home now that I don’t have all the DVRs tied up recording my shows while the wife and kids get stuck watching recordings. My primetime shows record to one TV and lets everyone else watch what they want.