Chris Christie Praises President Obama for "Outstanding" Response to Sandy

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Chris Christie appeared on The Today Show just a few hours ago and offered up an update on the state of his state.

"The losses are going to be almost incalculable," Christie said of New Jersey in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. "The fact of the matter is I think we're going to get significant federal assistance on this. The major disaster declaration last night by the president is incredibly helpful in that regard."

Christie went on to break party lines and praise the handling of this catastrophe by the federal government.

"The president has been outstanding in this," said the Governor. "The folks at FEMA and his folks have been excellent."

But even with months of clean up ahead of him, Governor Christie is aware of what the priority must be:

"The first thing we gotta be concerned about is minimizing loss of life, saving the people who need to be saved and then we'll move from there. New Jersey's a tough place, we'll recover from this."


I am sorry for the hurricane victims and pray for a speedy recovery. But NJ needs to learn how to accept help where ever it comes from. Don't deny power crews from other states to help just because they are not unionized. People are suffering, take all the help you can get.


Now this is the bipartisan. I like to see!!!


Governor Christie has always been very level headed and as a democrat, he is one of the few republicans that I respect. I feel it was a mistake for the republican party not to take him seriously as a candidate, as they also passed on Condaleeza Rice, and Colin Powell in the past. Those Jersey Shore brats and MTV, who made millions from the small community of Seaside Heights, better be thinking about how they are going to give back!

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