Celebrites Mock Donald Trump for Barack Obama "Announcement"

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Donald Trump tried to drop a bombshell on the 2012 Presidential Election this afternoon... only for it to land with a thud.

The real estate mogul will donate $5 million to a charity of Barack Obama's choice if POTUS unveils his college transcripts?!? That's an offer, not a piece of news.

As you might expect, the non-reveal made for some entertaining Twitter fodder. We've collected some of the best celebrity-based responses below...

Patton Oswalt: "Ransom needy kids for attention! Do it! DO IT!" -- @realDonaldTrump's possessed scalp-mop, which apparently controls him."

Damon Lindelof: "Donald Trump's bold gambit is kinda like Mel Gibson's in RANSOM, except incredibly f--king stupider…Mr. President, I too will write a $5 million check, but only if you can MAKE YOURSELF ACTUALLY TRANSPARENT. (a la Violet from Incredibles)."

Drew Carey: "Someone should make a Kickstarter to offer #Trump 5 million to shut up about #Obama already."

Andy Cohen: "I am giving Mr. Trump a 5pm deadline to deal w/the hair…If Mitt Romney releases his tax returns by 5pm I will give him 5 million high fives."

Lizz Winstead: "BREAKING: Donald Trump replaces bed bugs as Americas #1 Pest…Lets all give 5 million to Trumps Favorite charity if he produces his Worth Certificate."

Seth Meyers: "But did you play intramurals, Mr. President? Answer the question!!!!"

Invisible Obama: "Will trade college records and passport applications for @MittRomney's tax returns and a player to be named later."

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My money says he is listed as a Kenyan native. Regardless- he has no spine. He doesn't care about all the people of this country. 4 loyal Americans dead and obama goes to Vegas the next day. Obama is an embarrassment and it's almost shameful to be an American

@ Harris

You're just a regular idiot, not a first class one!

@ Skin

Im the voice in your head. Democrats especially the dark ones have the market cornered on Racism. You seem like a Liberal Loser- backing a president who doesn't have the heart for another term. Simple minded idiot you seem to be. Obama is a phony just as trump said. How bought it Darkskin?


Patton, Damon, Lizz...these people are celebs? WHO are they??? I'm sure Obama won't release any info, which is sad...$5 million would be a lot for any charity!

@ Sammie

Really? You don't know who Patton Oswalt is? He was the voice of the rat, Remy, in Ratatoullie along with countless other voices in movies and shows. Also, he's a hilarious stand up comedian, who has been around since the late 1980's. You should really youtube him. He's genius.


I love how they make a mockery when he tells them he will honestly pay him 5 mill. That is free money. Obama will most likely disregard..