Celebrites Mock Donald Trump for Barack Obama "Announcement"

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Donald Trump tried to drop a bombshell on the 2012 Presidential Election this afternoon... only for it to land with a thud.

The real estate mogul will donate $5 million to a charity of Barack Obama's choice if POTUS unveils his college transcripts?!? That's an offer, not a piece of news.

As you might expect, the non-reveal made for some entertaining Twitter fodder. We've collected some of the best celebrity-based responses below...

Patton Oswalt: "Ransom needy kids for attention! Do it! DO IT!" -- @realDonaldTrump's possessed scalp-mop, which apparently controls him."

Damon Lindelof: "Donald Trump's bold gambit is kinda like Mel Gibson's in RANSOM, except incredibly f--king stupider…Mr. President, I too will write a $5 million check, but only if you can MAKE YOURSELF ACTUALLY TRANSPARENT. (a la Violet from Incredibles)."

Drew Carey: "Someone should make a Kickstarter to offer #Trump 5 million to shut up about #Obama already."

Andy Cohen: "I am giving Mr. Trump a 5pm deadline to deal w/the hair…If Mitt Romney releases his tax returns by 5pm I will give him 5 million high fives."

Lizz Winstead: "BREAKING: Donald Trump replaces bed bugs as Americas #1 Pest…Lets all give 5 million to Trumps Favorite charity if he produces his Worth Certificate."

Seth Meyers: "But did you play intramurals, Mr. President? Answer the question!!!!"

Invisible Obama: "Will trade college records and passport applications for @MittRomney's tax returns and a player to be named later."


Donald is immature adult bully. He'll do just about anything to get a little attention. He's so pathetic.


I could care less about Donald Trump! He's a real estate developer...BIG DEAL! It doesn't deflect from the fact that this nation has been held hostage by the failed economic and foreign policies of Barack Obama. And you can throw in the fact the man has shown no leadership either! His Admin. lied to us about Libya and that story is getting uglier with each passing day! Wake up, folks! Time to step up and vote for a change...Romney/Ryan--without a doubt!


You call these Celeb's? Who the hell are they!


People of the Great Country of The United States of America!!
Surely!! You All can See Clearly,Crystal Clearly exactly what a Dictator Donald Trump is.He has without any doubt in so many words tried to tell the world that His Almighty Riches ,Will buy him everything .This Tyrant that thinks that he is a living God,must be shown that he is No Better than You Or I.


Please, All People,that are going to vote!
Be true to yourself and show the Bullies of the World that their Money will not buy the President of The United States .Mr.OBAMA,Mr President,Donald Trump Just handed you your next Four Years !!


I think it is clear, as basic requirement for being a president of the united states, people want to know president's birth and education records, he should honestly show people, it is the responsibility and honesty he has. For Romney, if the law requires him pay tax and release the record for whatever years, then he should do it, but if he paid tax and no any legal issues on it, then people do not have to ask for it. I heard it is required to release past 2 years of tax returns, and he did so, it should be fine. This is what I think to be fair.


this is his way for being in the news.
NEWS? well, he is driving a dustbin lorry lately, folks!!


If Trump weren't a biased racist, he would also challenge Romney to make himself transparent by releasing his tax returns, in exhange for $5mil to Romney's favorite charity.

@ Les Lerman

News flash- Trump is not running for President. He has as much clout as Chris Matthews in having a say.


i rather be poor than be so rich and such a nuisance - what a m... is that DT? All I hear is: Ahhhhh, still craving attention, money can't get me happiness!!! I need to bother other people to make them as miserable as me!!!


Does anyone else not get that that is technically a bribe from some blowhard with hair so stiff it gives a corpse envy? He's as bad as Blagojevich, maybe he should use that 5 million to buy a heart and donate it without any reason whatsoever, just out of the goodness of his heart. Just a thought.

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