Bristol Palin Receives Death Threats, Calls Out "Ghetto" Carrie Ann Inaba

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Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars contestant Bristol Palin is never one to shy away from controversy, but the people threatening her life may want to chill out.

Yes, Bristol says she's receiving regular death threats this fall.

Bristol Palin on Dancing With the Stars Results Show

“People have such opinions about me. It's like ‘I hate you, I want you dead and I want to shoot my TV,’” she explains of her public perception. “I don't read any of it."

When you ruffle feathers on your own show, though, you may not have a choice.

Bristol tries not to pay attention to negative comments from "haters" ... but she faced some harsh comments from the judges on Dancing With the Stars this week.

Calling out Bristol's partner Mark Ballas for breaking the show's rules with his choreography, Carrie Ann said, "You slammed us in the face, so we're slamming back."

“She got pretty ghetto there,” Bristol says of Carrie Ann.

“That's pretty much what it was: a ghetto comment.

But despite the haters and the harassment, Bristol has made it through to another round of competition, surviving last night's Dancing With the Stars results show.

How does she respond to making it through despite her low scores?

“We do see the positive side of it," Bristol Palin said of advancing.

“We did get voted through even though we had the lowest scores. That speaks volumes compared to anyone hiding behind a cell phone tweeting about us.”

How far will Bristol Palin make it this season? Are you rooting for her? Do you wish she'd just go back to Alaska and never be heard from again? Discuss!


Wow--whoever told these posters that Dancing with the Stars was a popularity contest or that it was judged by the improvement that a person made or how hard they were training? This idea is sooooo dumb--do they think that the judges are there just to tell the dancers how to be more popular? Bristol needs to watch her dance routine instead of criticizing the messenger. And no I don't believe that she has received any death threats in the letters she doesn't read--she is just trying to play the victim card and whining because someone dared to tell her the truth that her dancing was awful. She isn't six years old, for crying out loud, and she is getting almost $150,000 for DANCING so far. Viewers have the right to think that she should be able to move rather than stand against the wall with her phone in her hand calling the media to get herself written about.


Hate to break it to you Tori, but DWTS IS a popularity contest. That is known by the fact that someone with higher dancing talent scores got booted off. It's season 11 all over again as Sarah Palin web sites are instructing how a person can vote multiple times for Bristol. Last time I saw Sarah fans bragging how they voted over 300 times each. They still think it's an election. Of course Bristol will stay as long as there are cheaters.

@ Ivy

Oh, your saying she will cheat her way through just like Obama, huh!!

Knucky thompson
@ radnad76

You're off topic you sloth. Bristol is a lousy dancer and should be voted off. I want votes to vote a person off as well as keep a person on. Bristol is the worst dancer left and shuld go!!!


Gorgeous Bristol Palin is so chic, charming, courageous, classy, & charismatic, with the Cross of our Saviour nestled against her fair, fragrant bosom, and with her dulcet, delightful voice sweetly sounding like a swift mountain spring rippling across sparkling, shiny stones in a flower-dappled meadow. She will be our next savior. All you haters will be eating your own words as our lady Bristol has more intelligence in her little pinkie than all you haters put together. Bristol was right - God IS on her side! Not the haters and all you little people that are sooo jealous of her and that includes Carrie!


Bristol's fans apparently think that this is a popularity contest. Strange that they don't even know that it a dancing competition. Duh! Maybe if they watched the show rather than blindly voting they would understand why people are upset because Bristol is getting low scores for her dancing and then the good dancers are going home. These same people who are voting for Bristol probably think that grades in school are not based on what you know but is based on your popularity. None of the Palin girls have ever finished public school--maybe this concept is too difficult for them to understand.

@ Tori

Tori, It is a popularity contest. Strange that you don't know that. Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you’d had enough oxygen at birth?


Bristol ain't worth killin'. Her mother probably sent it for attention and continuance of Bristol's victim-hood. They're always claiming death-threats, pedophile and Sarah even claimed before Bristol dropped out of school that there were gang-rape threats but that turned out to be a big old lie. Sarah NEVER reported it till she decided it would sound good in her "book". Wah wah crybaby wah wah go home where you belong since you're so "through with Hollywood" and need to put your brat in school having a stable place to live. What lies.


Why in the hell did they put her on the show. This was supposed to be the best of the best. She was a poor dancer during her last time around. I am not going to watch anymore because she is only winning because of people calling in....not her dancing ability.

Victoria mcguire



Mark Ballas has more class and integrity than Carrie Ann has or will ever have. Her attitude and tone said it all --her hatred for Bristol, conservatives, and the right wing. Bristol was right in her comment.
The guys backstage deserve to go home for their snidely laughing at Bristol and Mark's comments from Carrie Ann. They are no better than she is! Liberals scream tolerance while they are the most intolerant of those that do not have the same low standards, low morals, and perverted ideas as they!


DWTS is NOT a "who is the best dancer" --it is a popularity contest of "stars" by the viewing audience; it is disgusting to hear the wimpy, empty liberals complaining about her low scores but stays in the running. They name call, put her down, and degrade her. Quite frankly, she and Mark shine the most cause he is humble and appreciative Bristol's effort and hard work to improve and she takes the knocks from the wimps and continues to do her best while knowing she is not a dancer. I can only admire her for her guts and confidence! Kudos to Bristol! She is the most improved!

Victoria mcguire
@ Just sayin'



let me make this clear: DON'T FUCK WITH THE ESKIMOS OF ALASKA!!

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