Bristol Palin Death Threat Prompts FBI Investigation

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The FBI and LAPD are investigating the suspicious white powder package that was addressed to Bristol Palin on the set of Dancing with the Stars last week.

The Pistol

Law enforcement sources are taking the threat seriously and are looking into the possibility that the incident is connected to the white powder scare in 2010.

According to reports, the package containing a white powder substance was opened on the CBS lot in West Hollywood Wednesday, addressed to Bristol Palin.

An enclosed note demanded Bristol be removed from the show ... or else.

Initial tests in the field revealed the powder was not harmful, similarly to the one sent to Palin at DWTS in 2010, when she made it all the way to the finals.

If she didn't get kicked off on last week's Dancing With the Stars results show, when she came in with by far the lowest score, she could get back there in 2012.



Bristol and Willow will now be wearing glasses just like their mommy. Even Sarah doesn't have to wear glasses but she pretends that they are needed, as she wants to have people judge her by the glasses for being intellectual rather than the word salad that comes out of her mouth. Trig is the only one of the family that really needs to wear glasses--.


Most Americans do not believe that Bristol was scared for her life. Had to be a publicity stunt trying to get the Queen of Abstinence some sympathy votes. One million dollars made in 2012 for less than three months work and only a GED degree. Some people are good at riding on mama's coat tails.


Deranged Palin haterz are such freaks. They turn on the TV and see Bill Maher and Family Guy trash the Palins so they decide they don't like Palin either. The Palins are an amazing family. They are like America's new Camelot without the $ilver $poon lifestyle of the Kennedy'$, the vast wealth they stole from the 99%.or the constant alcohol and drug fueled scandals. Americans relate to the Palin's. The haterz were amusing in 2008 but now it's just a full on psychological disorder. These morons see all the hateful things said about the Palins and they feel justified in taking these extremist actions. The Hollywood haterz are willful accomplices to the unstable bullies they work into a hate filled frenzy.

@ CapitalG

I used to like Bristol Palin until I seen for myself what a biggot she is. In fact I voted for her on her first stint on DWTS. I even hated Carrie Ann Inaba for the longest time because I felt she was mean to Bristol on Dwts. I think Bristol is doing enough on her own to make people hate her. She has a right to say how she feels but she better be prepared to face the backlash especially when she is trying to make it in the entertainment world where 90% of people are for gay rights. I don't feel sorry for her at all anymore. She made her bed now she can lie in it.


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