Brigitte Nielsen-Arnold Schwarzenegger Affair Confirmed; Maria Shriver Calls BS on 60 Minutes

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Brigitte Nielsen and Arnold Schwarzenegger had a "hot affair" in the '80s, the actor confirms, while his estranged wife Maria Shriver is livid with Arnold for claiming she knew about his extramarital dalliances.

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The confirmation comes in Arnold's new autobiography, Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story.

Their affair took place in 1985, when he was living with then-girlfriend (now ex-wife), Maria Shriver.

Considering that his marriage is over and he fathered a child with Mildred Patricia Baena, this seems like a relatively minor deal, but Shriver doesn't see it that way.

Specifically, Maria is reportedly furious about Arnold "lying through his teeth" on 60 Minutes and claiming she knew he was sleeping around during their marriage.

Sources close to Maria said she never would have defended him against all of the groping claims several years ago had she known Arnold was stepping out.

The source also says Maria would have ended the marriage a long time ago, and while she definitely suspected Arnold was screwing around, it never came out until 2011.

That's when she confronted him about his love child with Baena.

Shriver was devastated by Schwarzenegger's betrayal but contemplated reconciling with Arnold even after that revelation, because she loves him so much.

That makes his 60 Minutes betrayal hurt even worse.



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The best thing Maria can do is to move on at this point. Th guy ultimately has his own self interest in the forefront now, and she should have hers.

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