Bobbi Kristina to Inherit $20M From Late Mother

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Is Bobbi Kristina Brown pregnant? We don't know.

Will Bobbi Kristina Brown soon be a very rich young woman? Oh yes.

Sources confirm to TMZ that Cissy Houston, the mother of the late great singer, is no longer contesting her daughter's will. Bobbi will eventually receive approximately $20 million from Whitney's estate.

Bobbi Brown

A few weeks ago, Cissy and Pat Houston had filed papers with a judge to block the inheritance because they felt it would be "too much, too soon" for an 18-year old who has suffered through substance abuse problems.

But this insider says an agreement has been reached and it's almost identity to the one Whitney laid out in her will:

Bobbi will receive 10% when she turns 21 ($2 million), just under 20% at age 25 ($4 million) and the remainder when she turns 30 ($16 million).

Despite earlier contention, all sides are reportedly satisfied with the arrangement.


I Love Wit so much even when people was saying all the ugly & crazy s..t about her I would stand up n Her defense no 1 could say 1 bad thing about Her n my present. No I don't do drugs, but who r they 2 Judge Her. No I didn't know Her personally but still She was my Sister & yes I still cry! But 1 thing I'm sure of no She would not go 4 Nick all on His supposed 2 b God Sister yes He's after It all It makes me sick as HELL & I'm already sick but sicker 2 c Him do this @ a time Like this. Using His Godmother Daughter 4 his own gain. Nick U better watch out Whitney didn't play bout Bobbi Chrissy ! & I don't Like It either I don't understand y ur Parent haven't said something maybe they r n It with U I don't know & don't care but Like I said u better watch out cause Whitney Just might come back @ ur Ass remember what I told U! God Bless U Pat 4 being there 4 Whitney & Chrissy I LOVE U 4 that, also take care of yourself & Daughter & Husband. Please stay n touch. V.Locke.


I am. praying for Bobbi


Maybe now she can afford to get some work on thwt mug of hers. Woof. Bobby Brown in a weave much?
Gawd, I'm mean. I just "get so emotional" whenever seeing Bobbi's busted face. Poor thing lost her mom and NEVER had her mom's looks. Pity.


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