Four Basketball Wives L.A. Cast Members: Fired!

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Basketball Wives: LA is canning four of its six cast members, according to reports.

Yes, that is actually a real show on VH1 apparently.

Basketball Wives Los Angeles Cast

Draya Michele and Jackie Christie (second and third from left) will return. Everyone else? Gone.

Gloria Govan, Laura Govan, Malaysia Pargo and Brooke Bailey were all fired because the wives, Gloria in particular, weren't allowing "all of their reality to be filmed."

The nail in the coffin? Govan nixing VH1 from her wedding to L.A. Clippers star Matt Barnes.

She flew off to Vegas and didn't even let them known about it, let alone film it. VH1 felt disrespected by her actions and made the decision to kick two-thirds of them to the curb.

Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan may or may not still be together anymore, but that's moot.

Producers are already looking for new women to take the four aforementioned spots.

Any crazy basketball WAGs you can think of who could fill these impressive shoes?


If what you report is true, I'm so happy that Gloria &her sister Laurie is gone. Can't believe that Shaunie place them on the show from the start. And for Gloria to say she's the show is laughable, I'm from Oakland and know the area where Gloria&Laura parents lived, the crap that they pull on the show would not be tolorated by those two witches. Wish they would keep Malaysia, Brooke wants to be like Gloria. And Gloria is jocking Brooke, cause she wants to have the big ass. Is there a lot of freak in Gloria, since we all know how she gets down with the homies. And Matt Barnes is an idiot, VH-1 can do much better once they're no longer on the show. So please get them off the show, now if you guys want the drama put me on. Call me in for audition, if not I'm still going to watch your show. But if Gloria and her sister stay on I care not to watch


Nooooooooo.....not Brooke, I really was hoping she stayed on the show.


what a crazy reality show! all in all, one word for this show would be DRAMA and in all honesty, i think that BAMBI shouldve been booted as well. Bambi who? Moreover, I do think that those who were fired were boring as hell so that was a good move by VH1. Now fire BAMBOO cause shes a nobody and her rap game is LAME!


Truly this has been a crazy realty show about women that are very immature. Why would any one go out their way to get back at a grown women . Laura has 4 children . What is she teaching her children . An eye for an eye and an tooth for a tooth . What happen to her favorite word . Keep it moving . Jackie wants so hard to be her friend no matter how many times she would back bite her. The only one with Character and intergrity is Mylaysia. Gloria and Laura are 2 sisters that think they are above the other girls . They should keep in mind all the wives wear extensions excluding them . I guess if everybody would take there pay check and get a breast job and liposuction after 4 kids , I guess they would feel they have arrived. Just believe me Laura and Gloria had a motive and that was to be the nasty girls believing they would get their own reality show . I hope it back fire and both of them will get kicked off. Why would Laura attend everything Jackie gave then turn around and talk about her . Who does that . A women that want a lot if TV time and want her on show . .


Thank you for getting, the boring ones off....where did Bambi come from, girl Malaysia couldn't get you a spot on the show she was bearly holding that your fired maybe she can hook you up with one of her husbands friends, but you gotta stop shopping in the Chinese shop from your lipstick to the outfits ...don't hurt somebody try'n to come up look bad.... Your making it hard for the rest!


The newbe "Bambi" on BWLA has stolen the identity of my girl Bambi Daddabbo her name and image (being a model turned rapper) and now on the show that Bambi Daddabbo should be on since she is a basketball wive. Bambi Daddabbo is a signed rapper to a pop girl group and is engaged and has a child with her basketball player fiance Marcus Banks of 10yrs. Bambi better known as Adiz B on BWLA is living a fake life through Bambi Daddabbo.


I have never liked Jackie from the first season. All the trouble she caused. It's the kind of thing you don't usually see women of her age engaging in. It's as if she stoops to this level to try and manipulate everyone around her. But at the same time, that move Laura made talking to the woman's daughter was going too far. If you hate her so much then why continuously incorporate yourself into her life in any way. Laura needs to stop focusing on payback and heed her own advice for once and (keep it moving) GROW UP!!!


i love shaunie and evelyn, dont understand why shaq would jumpoff to laura cant understand that. But glad gloria and laura got fired how embarrasing sure gonna hurt theyre pocket books@@@.


im glad laura and gloria got fired, cuz i hated boojie gloria in my basketball wives with the real ballers which is evelyn,shaunie, tami, laura is a bully, she should of know karma would pay jackie back but she took the childish road. i am sad bout draya brooke and malaysia but if theyre hiding some of theyre lives well so be it. so karma got to those who deserved it thats what really happened. The end


i'm glad that Gloria and Laura fired because they are so fucking childish and stupid. Laura is really stupid the game she playing that what a teenager does. Be grown or be gone so i guess that's why she gone...I like Brooke and Malasyia i hate they got canned.But Glora and Laura should've been gone.

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