Barack Obama Labels Mitt Romney a "Bullsh-tter" in Rolling Stone

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Barack Obama is featured in the latest issue of Rolling Stone, and less than two weeks before the November 6 election, the President opens up to the publication with some choice words for Mitt Romney.

Foremost among them?

“You know, kids have good instincts," Obama says about the young vote. "They look at the other guy and say, ‘Well, that’s a bullsh***er, I can tell.’”

Barack Obama Rolling Stone Cover

Oh, it's on! Okay, it's been on for months now. But still. Strong words.

Among other topics Obama touches on in his interview:

Problems with the rich and poor: There are a whole bunch of millionaires who aren’t paying any income tax, as well as people at the lower end of the income spectrum who may be taking advantage of the safety net we’ve put in place. We should hold everybody accountable who’s not doing their fair share.

Standing up against your own party:  If you can’t say no to certain elements of your party, if you don’t have sets of principles that you’re willing to fight for, even if they’re not politically convenient, then you’re gonna have a tough time in this office.

Roe vs. Wade in peril: I don’t think there’s any doubt. Governor Romney has made clear that’s his position. His running mate has made this one of the central principles of his public life.

The future of his health care plan: Just like Medicare and Social Security, as time goes on, as people see what it does, as it gets refined and improved, people will say, ‘This was the last piece to our basic social compact’ - providing people with some core security from the financial burdens of an illness or bad luck.

His first-term achievements: Sometimes folks obsess with gridlock and the ugliness of the process down here in Washington. We passed health care - something that presidents have tried to do for 100 years…We passed the toughest Wall Street reform since the 1930s… We have expanded access to college through the Pell Grant program and by keeping student loans low. The list of things that we’ve accomplished, even once the Republicans took over, is significant.

What Romney should dress as for Halloween: I don’t know about this Halloween. Next Halloween I hope he’ll be an ex-presidential candidate.

So, we ask again, THGers: Who are you voting for?


FOX News confirmed that 3 requests were made to the President/Hilliary Clinton for help in the embassy in Libya and they were denied. Two navy seals there assisted but died including 4 in the embassy. They were your sons, brothers, fathers and they died because Obama did nothing, so go ahead and re-elect this piece of shite. Start watching FOX news if you want to see both sides of the coin especially the truth. Shame on Obama shame shame.

@ Anne

THANK YOU Anne. People should start watching FOX news, "fair, balanced and unafraid"! Get away from CNN--the Clinton News Network!!!!!

@ Anne

Not just that, Obama KNEW about the attacks as they happened, but LIED to the American people from the start!
And now he denies that he lied, claiming he told the truth from the start-- as if we didn't HEAR what he said, live! This is TREASON, and he must be impeached, tried and punished.

@ SarahWitch

If they tried to impeach or try him there would be a race war. People at my job who never voted in there lives & they are in their 40's said that they only voted for Obama because of his color. They prayed & sang songs in breakroom for him. I am glad to live to see a black president, well 1/2 black, I hope to see a woman president too before I die. But only if they are qualified. He is not qualified & most of the people voting for him do not care about the facts, just that they think he's hip & cool. That is what our society believes in now. You can beat & bite a woman & have a wonderful recording career for 1 example. It's sad that this is what the USA has become.


Well, a bonafide, class act bullsh*tter should know, eh??? Did this comment garner the President any more votes? Absolutely NOT!!!!! He's still losin' ground.

@ Kansas Jayhawk

He's committed impeachable crimes including treason, and now he's racing for the finish-line on November 6 to save his sorry ass from the truth that's coming out.
And the MSM is doing everything they can, like Miss Piggy did on 10/16 when she saved Obama from exposure.
He's going to go ballistic in the next week.


Pretty strong comments from the biggest bullsh***er of all!


You tell him Barack! Don't take any B.S. from that big bullsh***er!

Kellie m

Isn't it ironic. He calls Romney a BS'r when he himself is nothing less than a liar. Please do not re-elect this garbage. Just say no to BHO!!!!!

@ Kellie M

Obama is the lefts weapon for their own racism. He is their tool to fight against white success.

Audrey guerriere

Guess who the bullshitter is obamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


If it walks like a duck talks like a duck...


With the press and TV spots given to Obama the media should get paid by Obama's re election funds. Always on TV and in the Press! I


How soon people forget. The last Republican Administration gave us two recessions, two stock market crashes, two wars, a terrorist attack on the United States of America that killed 3000 people, a collapse of the world-wide banking system, the blowing up of the housing market...and yet half of America is about to vote most of the people who caused all of that catastrophe right back into office! Amazing!

@ Jimmy T

Jimmy - soon how you forget that the democrats were in control of the house of reps when BUSH was president!!! Soon how you forget that OBAMA was part of that very house of reps! That before running for president when he was senator, he god the 3rd highest pay off from Fannie and Freddie! That the housing act that was started by jimmy carter was the start of the housing market crash, that Clinton's administration help make it crumble more and Obama just blew it up! Funny how you DEMOCRATS point your finger at anyone else but yourselves! It's the democrats fault for why were are in a recession!!!

@ Jimmy T

If you hate Brarack Obama that much vote for Mitt Rommey.

@ Jimmy T

As much as people talk about it, the truth is- we can never go back! If we could- lets go back to reagan or clinton. What we cannot afford to do is having democrats piss in our ear and try to make us beleive it's raining! It is a mess and boarding a self made disaster. Obama has to go


Hey you Mitten's supporters.......would ya'll like a bowl of "WHINE" right after the election when your candidate gets sent back to his house in Boston, N.H, Utah, Calif or the Caymans ? Sounds like a whole bunch of un-educated yuppies living the gravy train on mom and dad. Ya'll are truly disgusting. Try working. It is the "real American way"........

@ John Conners

Pull need your bowl of "whine" when Romney boots Obama's butt right out of the White House!!! Obama admitted on Leno that he can't pass 7th grade math!!! Hmmmm, no wonder he put us 16 trillion dollars in the hole!!!

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