Ann Romney Makes Welsh Cakes on Good Morning America

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Possible First Lady-to-be Ann Romney co-hosted Good Morning America this morning and shared her delicious Welsh cakes with the cast and crew.

Those things look pretty amazing.

Ann's GMA appearance was free of any hard-hitting campaign news, but there was some culinary drama as her famous cakes began burning on the griddle.

Fortunately, the wife of presidential candidate Mitt Romney resolved the situation before the scone-like delicacies were ruined. What are they exactly?

Follow the link for Ann's Welsh cakes recipe!


baja, If you aren't able to provide well enough for yourself in Obama's miserable economy, go apply for food stamps. I hear he hands them out like candy. The few ingredients needed to make Mrs. Romney's Welsh cakes should be staples in any kitchen. Flour, sugar, eggs, milk, currants (same price as raisins, just tastier), nutmeg and butter isn't going to break even the smallest of kitchen budgets...everything on the table are just GMA props. And trust me, that network has more than enough bucks to buy whatever it wants!


she simply isn't aware of the costs of fruit &vegetables these day's......... SHE JUST THINKS EVERYONE IS A MILLINAIR LIKE HER HUSBAND.

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