Ann Coulter Calls President Obama a "Retard"

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Conservative pundit Ann Coulter has responded to Monday's debate by calling President Barack Obama a "retard," possibly hitting a new low, even for Ann Coulter.

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Following Mitt Romney's gentler-than-usual performance during the third presidential debate, Coulter posted the following message to her Twitter followers:

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Interesting that she went that route instead of weighing in on any actual issues, but that's Ann Coulter for you ... whether you're a big fan or can't stand her.

Woman does not hold back, and loves to stir the pot.

Did she go too far with her word choice this time, though? And did Romney really take it easy on Obama? Or did he get taken to school on foreign policy? You be the judge.

Who won the final presidential debate of 2012?

Who should be elected on November 6?



Does anyone remember this
obama is just as bad


Ann Coulter IS an ugly (inside and outside) bulimic who has no place calling anyone stupid!

@ Leonora

Isn't it funny? The liberals are trying to push onto American voters that there's a "war on women"...yet someone like you, lady are trashing her looks. How shallow can you get?!? And what a low blow that is for sure! It shows you ain't got nothin' else to pitch as far as ammo against this woman. Libs are cruel to women they don't agree with! Shame on ya! And your supposed "war" on the fairer sex is BOGUS, too!


What does the way Ann Coulter looks have a damn thing to do with what she says or the stand she has taken. Of course, if you are a racist then maybe you cannot get past her skin color so therefore you judge her before your racist mindset can possibly listen to her words. This "how ugly she is" overriding her veiw proves once again this superficial mindset of the liberals in this country is a huge problem.


Ann is someone I watch on Fox every chance I get. Fox is one of those stations with legitimate journalism. If it wasn't for people like Ann coulter and Fox we would have never unfolded the gun running operation by the racist Eric Holder. That chaotic mess left one American dead- killed by a gun used in F&F. Then there is Libya. Quite a sick relationship HILIARY & Bill must have with Obama. Email that Fox has possession of today admits that Hilliary new the next day it was Al Queda. Is HILIARY that stupid to create a " Home Movie" excuse? Or did she get caught in a trap? Or Blackmail? No need to worry- Fox will do all the heavy lifting! Meanwhile America has its own homegrown Al Queda. It's called NBC CNN ABC CBS MSNBC. These cancers no longer report. They deny the America public the truth! They protect a Black civil servant who bullshitted his way into the oval office. Ann tells the truth. Obama lies and Hilliary you are nine kinds of screwed! Thank God for Fox.


Coulter has a sharp sense of humor...she's blunt. I mean, the liberals have Maher and Matthews...Jesus if you peeps can tolerate their acidic, nasty-a**ed commentary then please...cut Ann some slack! Btw, Romney won in the debate and his poll results climb!


ann coulter is the least of the person To critize no one the ugly witch looks like a mummy fron the 17th century.

@ Angie cortez

Angie...your comment made me laugh...LOL!!!!! As for Ann Coulter herself, she is a and acts like a total W-I-T-C-H 24/7. Remember, this is the same Ann Coulter who once called the widows of the victims of the 9/11 tragedies a "bunch of money-hungry bitches." Sadly, Ann will say and do ANYTHING to remain in the spotlight. Pathetic.


When you do a Google image search for "completely wrong" a bunch of pictures of Mitt Romney pop up. I think she is trying to create her own Googlebomb with the term "retard"


Seriously...I'm worried. Either Ann Coulter IS a male (the adam's apple)--OR she has a goiter/thyroid disease.

@ Doctor Fay

Why worry? If she's really a man, then she's obviously had extensive work done already, and there's nothing to be concerned about. And if it is a goiter or thyroid disease, then we'll just be rid of her that much sooner. See, it's all good.


Who the heck is Ann Coulter, never heard of her. But as plastic as she looks she shouldnt use the words so it probably fits her more so than the president. Maybe she can get with Donald and give him some hair


Is she a woman??? She looks more of a man!!!

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