Angie Layton Denies Dumb Blondeness, Speaks on Survivor Ouster

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Angie Layton of Survivor fame denies she's a dumb blonde, and has other observations in this new interview you should really read in between ogling pics of her.

Angie Layton, Survivor
Angie Layton Pic

The 20-year-old former Miss Teen Utah and the third person voted out of Survivor: Philippines shared some ups and downs of the experience with People.

On the perception of her at the start: "[Everyone] perceived me as a dumb blonde. You know, here's the pageant girl from Utah. So I was stereotyped from the start."

"I knew I'd have to give it my all, to give 110-percent. I wanted to prove that I'm more than just some pageant girl. I was there to win and to compete."

"I worked really hard around the camp. I weaved the entire roof. I wanted my tribe to see me as an asset around camp; I would cut the coconuts for dinner."

"I was the one making food, preparing the rice. I know some people say we were working too much, but I don't think so. There was always something to do."

On how little she ate: "We had a cup of rice a day, and it was the high point of the day! And then there were coconuts. That was it. So we were really depleted."

On losing three straight challenges: "You go into a panic. It's heartbreaking, really. You want something so bad, and you just can't get it. It sucked so bad."

Follow the link to continue her interview with People, then be sure to check out our full gallery of Angie Layton bikini photos, because that's why you're really here.


The very 1st competition she tried to quit while a woman & man double her age were going strong. She then sat in the shade while the rest of her team finished. Then in the last competition she couldn't pull up a puzzle piece out of 2 ft of water, while the older woman went down 4, 6 & 8 ft to get her pieces. She was asked what would make her tribe work better as a team & she said "cookies". No, she's not dumb!!!


pst: SMILING ISN'T THAT DIFFICULT, you americans!!


What lovely natural breasts.

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