Angelina Jolie Donates $50,000 in Honor of Malala Yousafzai

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Angelina Jolie is standing up and showing support for Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani activist who was shot in the head by the Taliban last week.

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The star's Education Partnership for Children of Conflict is donating $50,000 to Daily Beast founder Tina Brown's Women in the World Foundation.

That group strives to provide funds to women and girls' "fighting for girls' education in Pakistan and Afghanistan," as the 14-year-old Yousafzai was.

Jolie and Brown said in a joint statement:

"As a response to her bravery, girls across Pakistan, Afghanistan and the world are standing up and saying, 'I am Malala' - and this is our opportunity to show the same solidarity."

Doctors in Pakistan have managed to stabilize Malala Yousafzai after the violent attack last week in which she was shot in the head and two others were injured.

She has since been airlifted to Great Britain, where she's undergoing special long-term care to repair her damaged skull and is expected to survive.

Part of the Beyond Borders star's charitable donation will go toward creating a Women of Impact Award for Girls' Education in honor of Yousafzai's struggle.

Just yesterday, Jolie wrote a letter to the Daily Best entitled "We Are All Malala," in which she encouraged people to support education as a basic human right.

She also wrote how she discussed with her and Brad Pitt's children the attempt on Yousafzai's life, and how their "8-year-old suggested that the world build a statue for Malala."

We'd say the donation and the example she sets for her children and the rest of the world with her generosity and influence is a good place to start.

Here's hoping for Malala's full, swift recovery.

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Jolie ! Could u please take a look at all the Innocent girls, children ruthlessly killed/ burned down by the NATO drone attacks at Waziristan (Pakistan) in the name of so-called terrorists !!!! Please try to understand ... Only backing up Malala for Noble Prize is not enough... please raise ur voice to save the Innocent Children from the barbaric attacks of NATO forces... Ur Latter act will be highly appreciated by the whole Pakistani nation...


I must point out that Malala Yousufzai lived in Swat valley , a tribal area in northern parts of Pakistan, which was under the control of the Taliban previously, where people still possess old school thinking *(mainly that a women's sole place is being at home)*. Other than a few northern areas,Pakistan is a well developed country with well educated individuals.This artcile wrongly potrays the image of Pakistan , showing us to be a backward country , when in reality most of youth of pakistan is well educated like that of Britain, USA etc. Sure we have our problems, but that country doesn't?