Amanda Todd: Bullied Teen's Online Memorial Pages Trashed By Haters

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Even after the death of Canadian teen Amanda Todd, whose suicide is being blamed largely on bullying, hateful messages are appearing on online memorial pages.

Messages poking fun at her death and making Todd out to be a villain are followed by reactions from the online community, shaming those bashing her.

Amanda Todd, 15, was found dead in her home Wednesday.

Officials believe she killed herself, and five weeks prior to her death, Todd posted a video (above) sharing that she’d been bullied and attempted suicide once before.

Now, two “R.I.P. Amanda Todd” Facebook pages, which combined had nearly one million likes as of Saturday night, are filled with comments, photos, videos.

Some mourn the loss of the teen, but others had a darker tone.

One picture shows the silhouette of a female body hanging dead with the mocking caption: “Todding.” Other posted a photo allegedly of Amanda Todd topless.

Other doctored photos mock the deceased British Columbian.

“You want to bully. Go for it - but the RCMP has set up an account for information on people who continue to bully her and it will be my pleasure to report you,” responded a Facebook user.

RCMP Sergeant Peter Thiessen says police are aware of the situation.

“It’s really a matter of those who are involved in it to realize the impact of what they are doing and that they are bordering on criminal acts,” said Thiessen.

“If we get that type of evidence then we would be quick to lay a charge,”

No charges have been laid regarding the bullying of Todd, in large part because it is very complicated to identify when comments become criminal, Thiessen said:

“We are looking at what transpired in regards to Amanda, what transpired on social media, what transpired face to face, who may have had contact with her in that regard, and whether there’s evidence to support any sort of criminal charge to any person or persons who may have had an impact in the type of decision Amanda made.”

“I don’t know that I’m in a position to drill down into those details, but there are a number of areas in the criminal code, where charges can be laid, without getting into what those areas would be, and speculating on that. It’s a matter of accumulating the appropriate evidence to support the appropriate charge.”

What do you think? Should Amanda Todd's bullies face criminal charges?

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Yes these people should be charged they have to know that because of their actions it has killed somebody! We need to do more about this!


My son was taking up for another kid and was terrorized the rest of the year, nothing was done. I homeschool now! Parents....protect your kids AT ALL COST. MY SON ISN'T A DEPRESSED BEAT DOWN KID. AND DON'T GIVE THE EXCUSE "im a working parent" it's only hr of one on one, then he does 3hr by himself. It's the same time as packing lunches and waking up for their Schools time.


I wish these poor babies could really believe that this part of their lives is such a small part and that if they just get through it, they will turn out to be so much more successful than the little miserable cunts that torture them. The kids who bully peak in high school and end up total loser twats, fat, ugly, married at 19, divorced by 21 with miserable little twat kids. I crack up at how awful the popular kids at my high school turned out.

@ Duh

I meant what you said was beautiful ~> mborrell. I don't know why it showed Baja


this would have changed her mind!!

@ baja

Beautifully said


I absolutely think that the bullies should be charged. They are sick sick people. I hope they are having a huge reality check right now. RIP you beautiful girl. So sad how people can be so heartless. on top of everything she has been through people still post heartless things on her memorial page. cant get any lower than that


Yes, I strongly believe Amanda's bullies need to face criminal charges (perhaps even those who are still saying bad things about her on FB pages). From what I read they seemed to have stalked her, beat her up and even told her she should die etc. if this isn't a crime I don't know what is.


Rip Amanda. I don't agree on suicide, bullying isn't good at all but it made me stronger I don't think criminal charges should not be brought on at all, I feel sorry for everyone that has killed themselves just cause they've been made fun of. I pray individuals become stronger minded and stop letting what others say affect theory lives!


all that over a pair of boobs.i cant understand why people would go to such trouble to harass a girl over it.such a waste of a life.and all the negative comments from random readers/ seems human compassion is scarce


As far as I'm concerned, bullying is a crime. One in which there should be consequences, and I mean more than just being suspended from school and such. We are losing our children because this issue has gotten out of hand. This story made me sick, and not because of any of the things this young girl did. It shocks me that children this day and time can actually be THIS cruel. This is one issue that absolutely sets me off! The mere fact that most people in this world throw fits and make scenes about gas prices and every other money related issues, but won't give a glance at our suffering children. We're grown men and women and know how deal with unpleasant situations...our children do not! They take their lives because they don't know what else to do and can't get the helping hand they need. As each day goes by, unless something is done, this issue won't get better. We'll just keep losing. And when you lose, it's not like losing a game. RIP every soul that lost their life to bullying. ♥


Why everybody give a shit about a slutty teen who off'd herself, she says she had it bad how about the people who grow up with parents who cant feed them or people who are raped and get a STD? Amanda couldnt handle the consequences of her decisions, she could of always deleted her facebook profiel or a hundred of other things no but she was lazy and decided to end it all. Why should we all care about it.

@ justleft

@just left.
You are SICK.

@ justleft

Why should anyone care about you either? You sound like a person who is has obviously dropped out of school, as evidenced by your grammar. Did you drop out because you were also bullied? If so, that's sad too. You should try a little compassion. If you don't care about others, why should anyone care about you? Empathy is a powerful emotion, if you don't know what that means, due to lack of education, it is when you can put yourself into another person's shoes. Imagine if that were you, that is empathy.

@ justleft

you are a sick sick person and karma will bite u in the ass . reconsider your values because you obviously need help.

@ ks

Just ignore him. He's was obviously neglected as a child. Usually, people who respond with such vitriol commnts often have their own hidden issues like incestual rape or sodomy. He's just mad at his daddy.

@ justleft

Do you, actually, think that deleting a facebook account will make people stop talking or harrassing her? Even if she doesn't/ can't read the comments on the internet, what do you think happened to her at school? Everyone makes mistakes - I'm very positive that you are not innocent. The only difference is that there's no one advertising your mistakes to the whole world.

@ justleft

What is wrong with you? Why would you post a comment like this? Obviously, you are a bully to talk this way.