Amanda Todd: Bullied Teen's Online Memorial Pages Trashed By Haters

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Even after the death of Canadian teen Amanda Todd, whose suicide is being blamed largely on bullying, hateful messages are appearing on online memorial pages.

Messages poking fun at her death and making Todd out to be a villain are followed by reactions from the online community, shaming those bashing her.

Amanda Todd, 15, was found dead in her home Wednesday.

Officials believe she killed herself, and five weeks prior to her death, Todd posted a video (above) sharing that she’d been bullied and attempted suicide once before.

Now, two “R.I.P. Amanda Todd” Facebook pages, which combined had nearly one million likes as of Saturday night, are filled with comments, photos, videos.

Some mourn the loss of the teen, but others had a darker tone.

One picture shows the silhouette of a female body hanging dead with the mocking caption: “Todding.” Other posted a photo allegedly of Amanda Todd topless.

Other doctored photos mock the deceased British Columbian.

“You want to bully. Go for it - but the RCMP has set up an account for information on people who continue to bully her and it will be my pleasure to report you,” responded a Facebook user.

RCMP Sergeant Peter Thiessen says police are aware of the situation.

“It’s really a matter of those who are involved in it to realize the impact of what they are doing and that they are bordering on criminal acts,” said Thiessen.

“If we get that type of evidence then we would be quick to lay a charge,”

No charges have been laid regarding the bullying of Todd, in large part because it is very complicated to identify when comments become criminal, Thiessen said:

“We are looking at what transpired in regards to Amanda, what transpired on social media, what transpired face to face, who may have had contact with her in that regard, and whether there’s evidence to support any sort of criminal charge to any person or persons who may have had an impact in the type of decision Amanda made.”

“I don’t know that I’m in a position to drill down into those details, but there are a number of areas in the criminal code, where charges can be laid, without getting into what those areas would be, and speculating on that. It’s a matter of accumulating the appropriate evidence to support the appropriate charge.”

What do you think? Should Amanda Todd's bullies face criminal charges?


Absolutely! There have already been cases here in the US about this, and the bullies had been charged criminally! This should have been stopped long ago and never should have reached this point! This is such a heartbreaking story!!!! Those individuals should never have thier freedom for what they did to her!!! My thoughts and prayers go to the Todd family.


"We all know kids can be cruel" that's what my parents said to me when I was in high school. The thing is that when you are in it, cruel doesn't even come close to saying what it is. Teens take everything that is said to them seriously good or bad. To think that one tragic error on this young soul's part could cause such a reaction wherever she went. Tragic doesn't even begin to cover it! Teach your children what bullying is and teach them what affect it has on people! Stop it NOW!!!!!


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Margery adams

I think that it is sad, that even after she commits suicide, people are still bullying her. Leaver her alone, she is finally at peace.


Bullying or not, suicide is never the answer. It is the ultimate act of selfishness.


I'm so angry about this whole tragedy. Why on earth would these kids torture this poor girl!? It's disgusting and is worthy of some major punishment. I'm scared to see what these bullies become as they get older. I hope they get a taste of their own medicine.


I think the bully should be charged becaus eno body should have to go through thst i mean i have but i have never thought sbout killing myself but yall just need to stop and tink hat the changes are of killing themselfs


Just for using the word haters, you guys should all drink bleach too

@ Amanda Toad



I think what happened was messed up. She was a 15 year old girl that killed herself because people has nothing better to do than bully her. She flashed people get over it. She wasn't the one who sent the photos around. She was being a teenage girl having fun with her friends and some people took it to far. i hope the kids that bullied her realize that they were the cause of her death. They were the ones that took an innocent life. And that they will never Forget Amanda.


ABSOULUTlY, They should be charged

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