Amanda Todd: Bullied Teen's Online Memorial Pages Trashed By Haters

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Even after the death of Canadian teen Amanda Todd, whose suicide is being blamed largely on bullying, hateful messages are appearing on online memorial pages.

Messages poking fun at her death and making Todd out to be a villain are followed by reactions from the online community, shaming those bashing her.

Amanda Todd, 15, was found dead in her home Wednesday.

Officials believe she killed herself, and five weeks prior to her death, Todd posted a video (above) sharing that she’d been bullied and attempted suicide once before.

Now, two “R.I.P. Amanda Todd” Facebook pages, which combined had nearly one million likes as of Saturday night, are filled with comments, photos, videos.

Some mourn the loss of the teen, but others had a darker tone.

One picture shows the silhouette of a female body hanging dead with the mocking caption: “Todding.” Other posted a photo allegedly of Amanda Todd topless.

Other doctored photos mock the deceased British Columbian.

“You want to bully. Go for it - but the RCMP has set up an account for information on people who continue to bully her and it will be my pleasure to report you,” responded a Facebook user.

RCMP Sergeant Peter Thiessen says police are aware of the situation.

“It’s really a matter of those who are involved in it to realize the impact of what they are doing and that they are bordering on criminal acts,” said Thiessen.

“If we get that type of evidence then we would be quick to lay a charge,”

No charges have been laid regarding the bullying of Todd, in large part because it is very complicated to identify when comments become criminal, Thiessen said:

“We are looking at what transpired in regards to Amanda, what transpired on social media, what transpired face to face, who may have had contact with her in that regard, and whether there’s evidence to support any sort of criminal charge to any person or persons who may have had an impact in the type of decision Amanda made.”

“I don’t know that I’m in a position to drill down into those details, but there are a number of areas in the criminal code, where charges can be laid, without getting into what those areas would be, and speculating on that. It’s a matter of accumulating the appropriate evidence to support the appropriate charge.”

What do you think? Should Amanda Todd's bullies face criminal charges?

Dani gurian

amanda those people r asses u dersve a good life. hope u have a good time in heaven. u didnt dersve the crap. u r an amizing person those bullies desve to go to prison for the rest of there life no visits no free time mo thin that envolse fun


@Aneta. I could not have said it better. My heart & prayers go out to Amanda parents, family & friends. Two all of you bullies out there you really NEED to get professional help ASAP. No one should be treated this way ever. R. I. P. Amanda

Aneta babinska

Ok here it goes @brianna by reading your comments you are still very immature and don't know anything about life or being bullied. Never wish death on anyone and you say you are proud of everything that you have done in your life but like someone said that EVERYONE makes mistakes. I was bullied when I was in middle school and let me tell you that it's not a good feeling, although I never thought of suicide or anything. I feel for her parents, can't even imagine what it is like losing a child. I can never imagine my life without my son in it. So before you decide to get back on here and write ignorant comments do some research seek some help because if you are proud of yourself for posting this stuff you are the one that needs help. And for all the bullies out there if you are reading this, find something else to make you feel good about yourself besides bullying other people. That makes you lower than scum in many peoples eyes. R.I.P. Amanda Todd


It is really sad to hear about the tragic end Amanda came to. She was just a child so much to learn and so much to see.the world is a weird and wonderful place but the word bully is every teenagers nightmare. The people disghust me so much who tormented her for so long. IF YOU EVER READ THIS JUST THINK IF IT WAS YOUR CHILD BROTHER SISTER OR ANY FAMILY MEMBER you will live with it forever you complete MONSTERS I HOPE YOU GO PRISON AND ROT YOU DEVILS. RIP AMANDA TOD you will never be forgoten bu anyone.


This is rediculous, another tragic case of bullying because people couldn't keep their damn mouths shut and keep it to themselves! I hope I hope the RCMP goes after everyone involved in this bullying are charged with whatever the maximum is, you people are sick and you caused this poor girl to end her life, RIP Amanda,


its really sad to hear this story. its shocking to hear this girl felt alone and had no friends, its hard to say but in your worst moments in life you know who are really your friends. i hope this girl finally found peace and that she may R.I.P and i hope they actually are doing something about all those kids that bullied her. i just wish i would of known her and helped somehow.


Its a sad thing when anyone commits suicide. But when its publicized on the internet it is much worse. If she was having such emotional problems and was tourmented constantly. Why did she continue to live this cyber life? Maybe she should have got away from the constant torment which I honestly think fueled her frustration. I believe she wanted to commit suicide for years , yet could not bring herself to do it on her own. Therefor she used the negativity brought to her online , as a extra push to do the deed. I have no compassion for her.


While i do agree that bullying is wrong and people shouldnt do it, what Amanda did was really wrong. She flashed a stranger on the computer (sure she was young and not wise) but she had sex with a guy in a relationship (and she knew he was she said so in her video). She did stupid things that got her bullied. People shouldnt make fun of her death, but there are bigger issues in humanity than some chick with low self esteem.

@ well..

Not proud, but when I was young I did the sammmmeeee thing. I only did it once, however, and I dont think anyone got a screen shot of my boobs. Let alone STALK and HARASS me, like what happened to this poor, young girl. She made a couple wrong decisions, yes, but she was young! And yeah, jerk, there are bigger issues than "some chick with low self esteem," lets try " some girl that made a mistake and got bullied until she killed herself." Does that work for you hun?

@ well..

She was 12 years old when she flashed on the computer. Kids that young do stupid things all the time. It definitely wasn't as wrong as the bullying! And as for her sleeping with a guy in a relationship, she didn't know he had a gf. The scumbag wouldn't tell her. "Some chick with low self esteem" You do realize what a jerk that makes you sound like.

@ Kit

Im glad u said something bcuz I was just going to go off on that ass!!! It amazes me that the guy she had sex with, his gf n her friends beat up Amanda and bullied her and the gf stayed with the bf that cheated. That makes sense. He knew he had a gf. Stupid people!!!

@ well..

I think she slept with that guy only cause she wanted to feel accepted, and he played her. She was wrong but she's young. Everyone makes mistakes.


Criminal Charges? Absolutely. It's time that people with no respect for other peoples feelings and bully and harass them should be held accountable,


I'm 15 and in tenth grade just like she was. We're teenagers. We don't always say or do the right things. We're human. Just like each and every one of you. Everyone makes mistakes. Yea, what she did on web was thoughtless but NO ONE has any room to judge what she did or who she was. You're no better than her. Nobody's perfect. Rest in peace, Amanda. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Todd family.

@ Nexus

i completely agree no one has the right to judge others no one is perfect. Just as amanda made a mistake everyone has especially in there teenage years.

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