Will Matt Lauer Take a Pay Cut?

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Fate - or Comcast, really - has given Matt Lauer a chance to redeem himself at The Today Show.

With parent company Comcast making various cuts at NBC, many associated with the program are now wondering whether the anchor will pull a Jay Leno, as The Tonight Show host recently slashed his salary by 10 percent in order to save employees at that program.

Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie

“Comcast has been looking at every one of its shows," an insider tells The New York Post. "The Today staff has been warned that cuts could be coming, and the question there is, if they start dumping people, will Matt Lauer take a cut?"

Ratings have been dwindling for Today, which now consistently loses to Good Morning America, and many blame Lauer for how he handled the Ann Curry firing. They even want him replaced by Lester Holt.

“It will be the little people who go first," said the source of who would be fired on Today. "The makeup people, writers... these people have families, and it will put pressure on Matt to do the right thing.”

And it will be interesting for impartial observers such as ourselves to see if he actually does.

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I'm switching to GMA for a couple of reasons. I have loved Matt for many years, but the deal with Ann has left a bitter taste in my mouth. Not sure who made the decision. Ann and Matt had worked together for many years so they both knew what each other was like before she stepped into the position full time.
The 2nd reason I'm leaving is because I will no longer watch NBC news of any kind. Not only has NBC shown only the liberal side of this election, they have out and out LIED on many occasions and I'm sick of it. When I can listen to any other station (all of which are liberal except for Fox), and they may slant things but they don't flat out lie about what is going on in the electiion.
3rd reason for leaving. How could the Today show not honor 9/11 with a moment of silence? That shows where their heart is, and its not with the American people.


Matt needs to step down and hand his seat over to lester. I love lester holt. He and Amy Robach, who left Today for GMA, were great together on Saturday. Now with Lester gone, I would put a new co-anchor with Lester- and have Savannah step down to just host the 10:00am hour. That would fix the show. I switched to GMA after Ann was fired. GMA is truly a better show with better anchors who are energetic and have alot of chemistry and dynamic.


Please please please git ride of MATT. Please replace with Lester, people will come back over to NBC.

Wv peach

He's a massive asshole; just look at his smug face in the photo. Get a wig Matt....you're head looks awful.


Fire Matt and replace him with Lester.


Hopefully NBC will just cut him completely. He is not a nice person. He is also starting to look like actor Arye Gross.