VMA Fashion Face-Off: Nicki Minaj vs. Ke$ha

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Two of Hollywood's most eccentric stars made appearances on the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet last night.

First, rumored new American Idol judge Nicki Minaj posed in a skin-tight outfit, yellow hair sprouting out the sides of a stylish black hat.

Then there was Ke$ha, who... looked sort of normal. For Ke$ha at least. Flowing blonde hair and a lack of facial glitter is simply not what we expect from this singer.

Did the regular look throw you off? Did it top Nicki's outfit? Compare and vote below.

Fashion Face-Off!

Two eccentric stars. One red carpet. Compare Nicki Minaj at the VMAs with Ke$ha in this Fashion Face-Off! View Poll »


kesha looks awesome,nicki i think you got wardrobe problems,seek fashion advice cause if i was to say something about ur outfit in one word that word would be UGLY




Nikki minaj a brick house she got that go sexy barbie doll.


Nicki Minaj look horrible. Gotta cover up hun!


Nikki Minaj, look like a miss confused plastic disform barbie doll, if you ask me. That's why her eye's look like a playful gum ball machine lol. Couldn't tell if she looking at you or her eye's just need give up on trying to escape from her face already.

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