U Didn't Build That: Obama Channels MC Hammer!

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Before Mitt Romney's 47 percent comment gave it some competition, President Barack Obama's "you didn't build that" was the political gaffe of the year.

Obama said it this summer in a speech he gave referring to business owners, trying to espouse the idea that behind individual success is government infrastructure.

Not a terrible argument, but dreadfully worded by all accounts, igniting a firestorm of controversy that Republican opponents use against him to this day.

It also spawned this amazing viral video! Holla!

The latest in a string of people with no particular affiliation using clips of a political candidate's words to craft Internet classics, Hugh Atkin created this one.

An Australian lawyer and fan of political satire, Atkin hilariously took Obama's "You didn't build that" quote and spliced it together with other clips of the Prez.

The video, "U Didn't Build That," is set to MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This," with dance moves and amazingly detailed lyrical excerpts to boot.

If there's one thing people across the political spectrum can agree on, it's that this is freaking hysterical. "U Didn't Build That" should be his official theme song.

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You are the dumbest group of slimy pieces of shit I've ever seen. What gets me most about you "Shit on a Stick" government dependent assholes is none of you SPEAK OF JOBS! Do you not want to work? Do you have no self respect left? Do you feel complete riding piggyback with the Government? The rich pay 70% of all taxes you shit 4 brains people! They pay taxes on what they buy & sell! They pay taxes on the profits they make! Do you honestly beleive that you will see one red cent of any amount of increase on taxing the rich more? You voted for a civil servant! What that is- a begger who goes to DC and talks for money and takes his cut then gives you crumbs. The only way you can have a decent job is the private sector and you want to cut their throat? You are IDIOTS following a FOOL! You will not succeed! People are never going to NOT be screwed but YOU will not be allowed to screw us! No way!


And Prior Presidents destroyed America shipping jobs overseas.Lets not forget Romney shipped jobs to china and he wasnt even a Pres.Imagine when he is,o sail away.


So Romney needs to keep it real.47%americans dont pay taxes and 10%of millionaires dont pay.does it sound fair when you compare income.Heck No!Obama gave me a tax break finally.


Yet folks like myself who earn @80thou have to pay taxes and fall under a higher tax rate when we do our taxes.Pisses me off.For centuries rich men fuck over the hardworking folks.


Well fucken millionaires got handouts under Bush.They didnt pay Any Taxes at all.Ten percent of them.Talk bout unfairness.And the ones who paid got a break in the tax bracket.its Bs.


What is blind is ten percent of millionaires didnt pay ANY taxes when bush was pres.a fact!and Romney will continue to eliminate them from paying.Its wrong.


@Daina- you are way over their heads! These bitches want handouts! They are the armpit of America. I wipe my ass with those people! @Scott - Clinton had a surplus because of reagan & the 1st bush. They didnt make the mess like Obama made, Obama is a black bullshitter like so many like him! Always has a great idea but not the commitment to see it thru. Socialism is great until you run out of other peoples money! Get this mistake out of office! He is a boy trying to do a mans job! Also- take his wife's checkbook away! I can't afford her vacations.


These same businesses u stick up for so readily are the ones who fired long time employees right before retirement. The same ones who took EVERYONE at the top earning the most salary and replaced them with new people making half that salary. The same ones who DONT even pay the 35% corporate tax much less more than that which is what u want ppl to think. I guess u think if we kiss ass hard enough the private sector will grace us with jobs. The truth is they are done here. They know where the cheap labor is and it will never ever be in America because for now we have workers rights.


I like being a house slave. I stand up for the rich. Majority of people in this country will never own their own money. They will be debt til they die. Chasing an American myth (dream) Clinton had a surplus until Bush Jr. neo-con took office. Bush initiated a war with Iraq with false information. Neither party is for Americans. Obama has supported rebels to overthrow Libya only to be more dangerous. In order for their to be an economy, money has to exchange hands. Not one group holding all the money. I am glad to be leaving this land of propaganda eating idiots.


Haahaha businesses have gone elsewhere since the 80's. Where the hell have u been? And fyi they usually go to these other countries for cheap labor NOT tax breaks. I'm sure u want to compete with that now don't u? So go ahead and say bye bye wages. U can make a quarter a week just like the best of em.