The Voice vs. The X Factor: Which Show is Better?

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The Voice vs. The X Factor. Christina vs. Britney.

TV's infatuation with singing competition shows reached its pinnacle last night, with NBC's Voice airing its third episode of the week in what was widely interpreted as a deliberate maneuver to blunt X Factor's season premiere on Fox. To a point, it worked.

Both programs averaged similar ratings (3.3) in the key 18-49 demographic, but The Voice outdrew The X Factor overall, 10.7 million viewers to 7.5 million.

Britney vs. Xtina

The Voice did lose 17 percent of its audience from its Tuesday show and even more from its Season 3 premiere Monday night, while X Factor is back on tonight.

A few more auditions like Jillian Jensen or Jannel Garcia and Simon Cowell's much-hyped, revamped project could be back with a vengeance ... but stay tuned.

Ratings aside, there's certainly been some tension, even gamesmanship between the two shows, with Cowell calling out The Voice on more than one occasion.

Most importantly, which singing competition do you like better? Vote!


Spears has no spunk, no personality whatsoever. Tabloids and dj-s made her career with autotone and good editing.


Hands down, the voice is so much better. 1. judges are more credible 2. judges have more chemistry 3. contestants are way better because they are pre-screened 4. and most of all, contestants are not humiliated for amusement and ratings.


I agree that the voice is a quality show. The X factor seems mean spirited, like a Jerry Springer talent show. They have contestants talking trash about other contestants, etc. The voice contestants are all talented even if they are not good enough to get judges to turn around. I'll be watching the voice.


i love the voice and the couches especially our crooner queen ms.christina aguilera shes alwys the best and funny.shes always honest!unlike britney no originality.shes trying to be xtina but she cant! lol!no can take xtinas crown even her. . the voice is the most talented show ever and the judges was funny. . . .sory to all x-factor.their such a looser.. . even the ratings the voice was always won!


I like the X Factor a lot more than the voice. I really liked the contestants on that show and thought they were really good. I have watched The Voice for the last two years and cannot tell you who won. I think the same guy won last year as the year before. Anyway, he was boring and I have not heard a thing about him since. I also think to be a star people need more than a voice. They need to have the X Factor!


I much prefer The Voice to The X-Factor. I watched both last night thanks to my Hopper’s Prime Time Anytime feature (it records everything during prime time on all four major networks automatically) and I felt so much less uncomfortable watching The Voice. The singers are just better and I don’t feel like the show is trying to manipulate my emotions nearly as much. One of my Dish co-workers is obsessed with The X-Factor but I’m going to have to tell her unless she also watches The Voice, we aren’t going to be able to discuss any singing shows this fall. I only have room for one in my schedule, and I’m picking NBC this time.


for sure, The Voice is a show with quality, for me not wasting my time watching tv is important and I want to listen and watch talented contestants who can make me say wow! that's what music needs
But people nowadays just want to laugh at clowns


The Voice is a better show because they have talented coaches/judges. I would take the advice from any of THE VOICE coaches any day Vs. X Factor. For starters, Simon is a rude person and does not give contestants constructive advice and Britney does not know how to sing.

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