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Oh and what Kim Kardashians boobs wasn't enough to show to the world mommy had to join in too?

Ewww... I don't need Kris to tell me to do a breast exam....


LOL Stupid Today Show... Kris Jenner? Seriously how much money did she pay you to do this controversy?

NBC underling: Tomorrow is Sept. 11 we should do a tribute every other network is doing a tribute

NBC exec: I have a great idea since everyone is going to do the tribute why not separate from the masses lets do our own thing... I know does anyone have the number to Kim Kardashian?

NBC underling: I do... Don't ask...

NBC Exec: great call her and see if she will go on the show tomorrow.

NBC underling: Good news and bad news boss... We got a Kardashian for the show bad news she's now a Jenner....

NBC exec: She will have to do... I can see it now we will be the greatest show on earth. We decided to not join with the masses and go our own way...

Sept. 11:

NBC ratings have plummeted even Matt Lauer can't save the show...

NBC what were you thinking....


Wow, NBC has sunk to a new low. Kris Jenner is nothing more than money hungry trash. By saying Kim and Kanye are well suited for each other, she means they both have sizable bank accounts. I guess those Kartrashians will never realize there is more to life than money. Never forget the lives that were lost on 9/11. God bless all the victims. #TeamGMA


As long a people keep worshiping the Kardashians as if they are gods then the networks will continue to push them down our throats. Stop watching them or buying their products if you are so fed up with them being everywhere. That is the only way to get rid of them

There is no way the Today show should let a nonsensical interview with Kris Jenner come before a silent tribute to the worst day in American history.


Too bad they don't make brain implants for them both. Clearly those have also expired. They are supporting the deingration of women by elevating this dribble up past significant events, much to the dismay of the original bra-burners. What a waste of history.


Thats the problem with the world, Kardashians are taking it over. Shame on you Today Show.

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