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The Real Housewives of New York City quickly turned from "Vacation, All I Ever Wanted" to Get me the Hell out of here!  We recap who couldn't hold their alcohol and who had all the best lines in this THG +/- review.

Ramona and Sonja are still stinging from Aviva calling them white trash but they're also wondering what she meant…so they google the term.  HIlarious!  Plus 10.  How can you not laugh at these two?

Carole plans a dinner with just her, Russ, Aviva and Reid and doesn't invite the other women.  Minus 8.  She could have at least told them that she wanted some quiet time with Aviva.  Maybe that would have calmed things down.  Instead everyone ended up feeling slighted.

Aviva's Dark Side

Then Aviva barges in on a private conversation between Ramona, Sonja, and Carole.  Minus 7.  Not cool.

Maybe I've just grown use to Ramona and Sonja's craziness but Aviva's high and mighty attitude is really getting on my nerves.

Aviva decides that the reason Ramona and Sonja don't want Reid around is that they don't want a witness to their atrocious behavior.  Plus 10 for making me laugh.  These two couldn't care less who watches their drunken antics and did Aviva conveniently forget the camera crew filming it for the world to see? 

Aviva's complaining about Sonja's drinking, skinny dipping and bringing men home.  Plus 11 to Sonja who tells her, "I don't think you got the brochure on St. Barts."

Why is Aviva so fixated on Sonja's sex life?  Granted, she's kind of slutty but she's a single, adult woman and can do what and whom she wants.  Why is Aviva making this her business. 

Everyone heads out to lunch but things don't get much better.  No one notices that all the talk about Aviva's trouble with the airplane ride is pushing Carole over the edge.  Minus 12.  If anyone should have anxiety issues, it's Carole.

But Aviva swears her issues are the last thing she wants to focus on.  Then please shut up already!  Heather's right when she says the woman can't stop talking about herself.

Love the joke about the Ramona / Heather curse being broken after Heather ran face first into the glass door.  Plus 10.  Then Luann asks if they'll have to throw Aviva off a cliff to break her curse. 

Oh, I'd give extra points if someone would.

And there is yet another fight between Sonja and Aviva.  Plus 15 to Sonja.  She had me rolling when she told Aviva she'd already thanked Reid for bringing her down but now she wanted to know if it was possible to return to sender.

There's one last dinner to get through and Luann makes a toast to Aviva.  Luann really can't help herself. She's just got to stir the pot.

Sonja and Ramona ditch Carole.  Minus 9.  It's Russ' big night and Carole's their host.  Despite everything that's happened they should have gone to the concert.

Instead they head back to pack and drink, and drink, and drink.  Surprisingly Ramona handles her liquor much better than Sonja.

Sonja & Ramona Party

But just when things get really tense, Heather throws a Hail Mary and jumps in the pool.  Everyone else follows, although not always willingly.  Plus 8 to Heather for hip checking Ramona.  That had to feel good.

Next week it's back to New York.  Will Aviva continue her journey towards the dark side?  Tune in and find out.



I think Aviva is just ridiculous. When she told Ramona and Sonja to fuss over Reed for getting her to St. Bart's, what is she 4yrs old? Grow up. Nobody cares. For someone who has anxieties she sure travels a lot. I think she's a big baby. Can't stand the woman. She acts like she's the Queen of England when in reality she's just a big baby. She needs to get over herself and stop bringing up how she was treated on the trip. What a whiner. Why does she think everyone should fuss all over her when no one really cared if she went on the trip or not. She acts like the rest of the girls should feel privliged that she decided to hang with them when in reality no one would have missed her. Get over yourself.


I think Aviva is so insecure because she stole her husband form his wife. No wonder she cannot leave him, she cannot trust him! Who is the slut Aviva?


Love Heather, Ramona and Sonja.


avilla is the most self centered person i have ever seen,and calling ramona and sonya white trash really shows her low class raising.what did they teach her at vassar. and luann is a snake and a troublemaker. felt bad for caroline .she was very gracous and has lots of class.


In the beginning I liked Avivia but after the last few episodes I would be surprised if anyone except Carole will speak to her. She certainly was a killjoy on that trip and should have stayed back in NY. It was a girls' trips. She came down for a weekend and starts telling everyone else what type of trip it was? Her overly critical nature was over the line. It is none of her business who does what. It wasn't her house. I get why she was pissed after hearing they wanted to get rid of her husband but saying they should have had a party or rolled out a red carpet was ridiculous. If she can't travel anywhere without her husband then don't go on a girls' vacation. They should have stayed at a hotel.


Carol is boring and looks like she on heroine. Avila is selfish and very insecure. I like the old girls. They are entertaining as usual Have to fast forward to skip the newbies. But I think Heather is catching on finally!


OMG, Ramona and Sonja are my faves. I think they are both so cute and funny as he77. The "Countess" really believes she is somebody - what a hoot. She's so fake. The others are just boring wannabes. Hope to see Ramona and Sonja next season.


I think we have solved the question, “money does not buy you happiness.� Instead it buys you craziness… I don’t mind being broke. I am helplessly addicted to the “Real Housewives of New York,� and even have some co-workers at Dish talking about it. I am surprised by Aviva pointing out her educational status, as if that excuses her from going off on “Ramonja.� I will miss next week’s episode, but I have my Hopper pre-set to record the upcoming drama back in the city. It’s a good thing I have a ton of DVR recording space available, because I think this is going to be a long season.

Stuck in the moment

these women have got to be, up their own asses. i love me, who do you love women, in the world. its all about me me me. amd me statuses. id hate to be friends with any of them, if that is what the rich are like. god blessed me with no money , knowledge to learn right from wrong, to learn their is less fortunate in the world.and most of all true friends not backstabbers they are more importantant than how big the house is. id love to spend a day with these idiots they would not know what hit them. especially wild eyed ramona.


This trip was about Carole-about her book, her tv deal, her boyfriend's concert. But somehow it became about everybody else: their hurt feelings, their phobias, their complaints, their fights. All the women owe Carole a huge apology for their terrible behavior. Even Heather with her little hissy fit over not being invited to dinner. I think Carole was trying to make Aviva and Reid feel welcome, trying to do something low key. Again its like any opportunity to get all hurt and make a situation about them. Yuck! But quite entertaining!
But here here is the thing, why is Carole doing this show? She seems like the only sane, genuinely nice person. Surely she does not need the money. Why is she part of this train wreck???

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