The Real Housewives of New York City: Slutty Island

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St. Barts becomes "Slutty Island" as The Real Housewives of New York City kick their girl's vacation into high gear, but an extra guest changes everything.

We recap who's in need of medication and who should just go home in THG's +/- review.

It's the night after LuAnn's tryst with Tomas and she's being unusually quiet or as Sonja says, LuAnn is in "clamp down mode."  Whatever you want to call it, the Countess sure looks guilty.  Minus 7.  Was one night with Tomas really worth it?

I wonder if there's any real guilt here.  Would anyone be surprised if LuAnn and Jacques had an open relationship?

Sonja & Tomas

Tomas is certainly open for business as he flirts with the rest of the ladies.  Plus 10 to Tomas' broken English as he tries to use LuAnn's line and ends up with "money can't pay your class."  No.  No it can't.

I can't say I see Tomas as all that.  I'll even give Heather a Plus 8 for asking, "Which one of these lucky ladies is going to take home the greasy prize?"

And the winner is…Sonja. She even has the bruises to show for it the next morning. Tomas is a busy boy. Slutty island, indeed.

Plus 15 because everyone is actually having fun.  Even Heather and Ramona are getting along. The ladies are laughing, enjoying the sun, the drinks, and the skinny dipping and then it comes to a screeching halt.

Buzz kill, thy name is Aviva. 

Aviva shows up with Reid in tow and I have to agree with Ramona and Sonja on this one. Bringing your husband on a girl's vacation changes everything.

Yes, skinny dipping in front of the girls is a little slutty but swimming naked in front of your girlfriend's husband is a whole other level of slutty.  Put your clothes on ladies.  Reid is here.

Sonja & Ramona Skinny Dip

Minus 9 because Ramona and Sonja should have kept their mouths shut even if I do agree with the sentiment but what they said didn't warrant the vitriol that spewed from Aviva.

Aviva really needs to make up her mind.  Does she want everyone to treat her as normal or does she want a neon sign over her head that tells the world she must have special treatment due to all of her issues?

Ordering the ladies to gush over Reid for flying down with her was ridiculous.  Minus 11.

LuAnn did her best to make things worse and then put on her innocent face as though she said nothing. I think she was just happy the spotlight was off of her and Tomas. 

And I couldn't help but laugh when Aviva admitted she was expecting a party upon her arrival. Minus 15.  Talk about arrogant. 

Plus 12 to Ramona for actually apologizing and trying to smooth things over with Aviva.  For once, Ramona wasn't the craziest person in the room.

Still, I couldn't blame Sonja for not being so quick to forgive.  Friends don't call friends low class, white trash. 

Aviva comparing her own behavior to that of Rush Limbaugh was quite the insight into her personality.

Aviva was stressed and angry and miserable the moment she stepped off the plane.  If her anxiety issues are that bad she should have never come.   Minus 14 for stealing everyone's fun.

We'll see if they can get it back next week.



I can't believe all of you are standing up for the two biggest white trash losers in bravo history Ramona and Sonja. I actually got so disgusted after watching last night a old fat drunk lady taking it up the ass on National t.v. that I turned it off. They got rid of the wrong people. This is no longer entertaining it's sad and pathetic. Yes Aviva has some phobias and so do many people of flying or that have post dramatic stress from a major injury and yet everyone thinks that's more annoying that she was defensive. Get real people.


aviva needs to quit making her problemS
everybody's problems. although Ramona and Sonya were clearly being disrespectful and rude is there so called friend there's a whole lot of crazy going on with these letters there's a whole lot of crazy going on with this group of women


Last nights show was preety entertaining. But Avivia needs to get a grip. Everyone was getting aling until they got there. If shes got all these issues she should have stayed in New York. She started all the drama this time. Carol and Heather are my favs!


Seriously what is Aviva's problem? She certainly has a strong sense of self entitlement! Like when she commanded Ramona and Sonja to attend all of her future events? Wow. Who does she think she is? I agree Romana and Sonja had lame excuses for missing the spin class but so what? Maybe they didn't want to go? Aviva has serious issues.


As much as Ramona annoys me (Sonya included this season), Aviva takes the cake. Everyone has been having a good time on the vacation which Carole invited the GIRLS to attend. Even Heather sucked it up to get along with Ramona.
Aviva shows up demanding red carpet for her and Reid & causes drama and worst of all the hostess, Carole to miss her bf's rehearsal. Rude, immature & classless. she should have stayed home in her safe place!
Thank God for Carole & Heather.


Aviva with her education from Vassar and law school, and oh yes the many languages she speaks makes me sick. She has the nerve to mention Rush Lembaugh calling someone a whore, when he father speaks to women like they're whores! Aviva seems to think this is so funny coming from daddy. What else would you expect from a lefty. Her dad is the white trash. I'm finished watching this disgusting mess.


With the exception of Carol and Heather, idk why anyone would want to be friends with that pack of jackals. Their behavior is what one usually expects to find in a trailer park. I do not like the expression "white trash" as I find it a bit racist. It's what people would call trashy whites back in the day when you wanted to imply they weren't much better than blacks. I'm over 50 and southern so I remember how the slur was originally intended. It's a backhanded insult to blacks.


Ok and these bitches need a vacation from.....what? The whole world is a party and one long vacation. Not sure why these shows are called real housewives. None of them are real or housewives. Real housewives take care of their kids and do carpools and clip coupons. They do not have bodyguards, nannys, maids etc


Aviva is definitely a mixed bag of brains and bananas... a party? Seriously? Ordering the women to gush over Reid? Going off on Ramona and Sonja based on what she's "heard." For a lawyer, she is mighty gullible. Like a lot of people this go around, I think BRAVO is allowing disgusting film to air. The thing that set the NY H/W's apart in the past from the other franchises is that there really was a little class now and again. Now there is NO class, just lots of Sonja acting more like Kelly, but in heat. Has anyone called child services and tried to find her poor daughter a real parent?


It's been a long time coming that someone should finally find an appropriate label for "Ramonja.". As shrill as Aviva was, I totally agree with her when it comes to Ramona and Sonja. Their behavior is deplorable and totally self centered. There has not been one moment involving them that has not been cringeworthy. LuAnn needs to take accountability for her actions and stop telling stories. I've actually become quite fond of Carole and Heather after a spotty start. These women have everything...looks, money, families and friends who care for them-yet they still seem miserable. Look beyond yourselves and concentrate on improving the human condition. I guarantee you will feel better as well as those around you.

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