The Real Housewives of New York City: Slutty Island

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St. Barts becomes "Slutty Island" as The Real Housewives of New York City kick their girl's vacation into high gear, but an extra guest changes everything.

We recap who's in need of medication and who should just go home in THG's +/- review.

It's the night after LuAnn's tryst with Tomas and she's being unusually quiet or as Sonja says, LuAnn is in "clamp down mode."  Whatever you want to call it, the Countess sure looks guilty.  Minus 7.  Was one night with Tomas really worth it?

I wonder if there's any real guilt here.  Would anyone be surprised if LuAnn and Jacques had an open relationship?

Sonja & Tomas

Tomas is certainly open for business as he flirts with the rest of the ladies.  Plus 10 to Tomas' broken English as he tries to use LuAnn's line and ends up with "money can't pay your class."  No.  No it can't.

I can't say I see Tomas as all that.  I'll even give Heather a Plus 8 for asking, "Which one of these lucky ladies is going to take home the greasy prize?"

And the winner is…Sonja. She even has the bruises to show for it the next morning. Tomas is a busy boy. Slutty island, indeed.

Plus 15 because everyone is actually having fun.  Even Heather and Ramona are getting along. The ladies are laughing, enjoying the sun, the drinks, and the skinny dipping and then it comes to a screeching halt.

Buzz kill, thy name is Aviva. 

Aviva shows up with Reid in tow and I have to agree with Ramona and Sonja on this one. Bringing your husband on a girl's vacation changes everything.

Yes, skinny dipping in front of the girls is a little slutty but swimming naked in front of your girlfriend's husband is a whole other level of slutty.  Put your clothes on ladies.  Reid is here.

Sonja & Ramona Skinny Dip

Minus 9 because Ramona and Sonja should have kept their mouths shut even if I do agree with the sentiment but what they said didn't warrant the vitriol that spewed from Aviva.

Aviva really needs to make up her mind.  Does she want everyone to treat her as normal or does she want a neon sign over her head that tells the world she must have special treatment due to all of her issues?

Ordering the ladies to gush over Reid for flying down with her was ridiculous.  Minus 11.

LuAnn did her best to make things worse and then put on her innocent face as though she said nothing. I think she was just happy the spotlight was off of her and Tomas. 

And I couldn't help but laugh when Aviva admitted she was expecting a party upon her arrival. Minus 15.  Talk about arrogant. 

Plus 12 to Ramona for actually apologizing and trying to smooth things over with Aviva.  For once, Ramona wasn't the craziest person in the room.

Still, I couldn't blame Sonja for not being so quick to forgive.  Friends don't call friends low class, white trash. 

Aviva comparing her own behavior to that of Rush Limbaugh was quite the insight into her personality.

Aviva was stressed and angry and miserable the moment she stepped off the plane.  If her anxiety issues are that bad she should have never come.   Minus 14 for stealing everyone's fun.

We'll see if they can get it back next week.



wow! Aviva, carol and heather are so hollier than though. they think they re better than anybody. you guys make me sick. at least ramona and sonja show their true colors. you guys are so phoney. you have something in common though: you have big mouths and big teeth; remind me of my coin purse zipper!


Jesus! Aviva is a self absorbed pain in the neck but Raomona and Sonja are exhausting to watch. Low class low rent shrill hos.


Sorry but I am not sure why Sonja conducts herself like a total slut, and Ramona is a nasty, disrespectful mean woman. Why in the world would anyone want to be friends with these two is beyond me. I can honestly see why Sonja's husband left her. There is nothing classy about this broad.


When did it become Ramona and Sonya's decidion on who stays and goes. Carol invited them, she is footing the bill for the villa, I cant stand watching Ramona in her bathing suits. She tries to be sexy but...... there is NOTHING sexy about that body. If Ramona would stop worring about every body else and focus on herself she might just have a good time. As for Viva, I think now you underdtand where Heather was coming from all this time regarding Romona. You were so quick to take Ramonas side ALWAYS. Its funny how the tables turned. And unfortunartely nobody will ever pull the red carpet out for your husband except you and maybe your husbands mom. When did the words thank you stop being important and have different meaning everyone said thank you to your hisband and his response? Your welcome....that should ne enough.


I think Romona looked like the one with class compared to Aviva she made no sense-Go up and kiss her husbands ass for bringing her-give me a break -he may be a nice guy but that is not up to them - she were pleasant when she got there and tried to explain what they were thinking -honest- to bad for them Avia lookslike the crazy one now.


Bravo has lost ANY sense of decorum with this program, talking about butt----! Will they stop
at NOTHING? Sonja is a mother and she allows herself to be so portrayed? And Ramona's drinking
and child like behavior is absolutely revolting.
I don't think Aviva has added anything but more craziness to the show. If I were Carol or Heather
I would not come back and be associated with this classless group next season. LuAnn is now amoral
and lying about it, too.


You'd think with all her education Aviva would be able to pronounce "Limbaugh" correctly.


im sat here right now watching the show,Luann is 'ATTEMPTING' to sing along side natalie cole! please Luann, when are you going to realise you can not sing! just because a record label makes a reasonable sounding song, does not mean its your voice on the track.... btw, natalie cole you are a legend and totally made Luann look more of an idiot then she does herself!!!


Omg Caro you described Lu Ann perfectly!!! That was hilarious!


At first I thought they should have made more of a fuss for Aviva as this was extremely difficult for her but they more I think about what happened I think she should have stayed home. They all were having so much fun until she arrived and because of her Carole and her will leave the others out of a dinner where before they all were having fun together which proves Ramona, Sonja, and Luann's point of Aviva's husband changing the dynamics. Maybe he'll be the new Simon. I'm disappointed in Aviva. Even Heather is more likable. Luann did stir this up to take attention off of her and try to break up Ramona and Heather's truce.

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