The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: A Bald Canary Sings

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey are blindsided when "A Bald Canary Sings," or are they? We'll recap who got set up and who set the trap in our THG +/- review.

Let's go back to the beginning.  Melissa's getting ready for yet another meeting with some producer about her singing career. I couldn't care less about her musical future but I'd definitely pair the leopard print shoes with that dress.  Plus 7.

Oh, and if there is a God I will never be subjected to seeing Joe Gorga in a g-string.  I refuse to let my imagination go there.  Minus 12. The mere thought is frightening enough.

Joe Gorga Shows Off

The Manzos visit their boys in Hoboken for brunch and could Caroline make Lindsey feel any more uncomfortable?

First she comes in the door saying that it smells all the way down the hall and before you can wonder if that's a good or bad thing she ask to open a window.  Minus 10.  Well, there's a slap in the face to the cook.

Then Caroline gushes about how far Albie has come.  Now he has his own apartment and a good career but doesn't mention his beautiful, girlfriend whom he's living with and is sitting across the table.  Minus 11.  It was clearly Caroline's way of saying Lindsey is irrelevant in Albie's life without having to actually say it.

At least Chris has a good attitude.  As long as his brother's happy, he's happy.  Plus 15.

Caroline gushes about her kids making it on their own but who is she kidding when they pay the bills with Mommy and Daddy's checkbook. 

Especially Lauren who admits she walked away from her venture with Chateau the day after the grand opening.  Minus 10.  The girl never even tried to make a go of it.

Lauren's all jazzed because she signed the lease on a new place.  More like Mommy did.  And does anyone else thing CaFace is a horrible name?  Minus 8.

Then we're off with Kathy and Rich to see if she can pitch her desserts to a new company.  Why does she insist on bringing her husband along?  Rich can never keep his mouth shut and his sexual innuendos only make Kathy look more unprofessional.  Minus 12.

Oh, and Ashlee shows her face, if only through the computer.  The girl actually looks pretty good.  Somehow she's got a job in PR and has her own apartment.  She even got a new tattoo and didn't her mother look thrilled.

Seriously though, perhaps Ashlee might find her way now that she's not living with her ever coddling parents. Plus 9. Well, that or she might blow herself up.  We'll see.

Now on to the real fun.

Could Kim D. walk off a cliff?  Please? The woman is evil personified and ugly as sin.  The only question is, is she working alone or with an accomplice.

When she called Melissa to make amends I kept thinking it was like the spider calling to invite the fly over for dinner. 

Angelo couldn't have been more sleazy.  Minus 7.  If I had to pick someone out to play the role of a strip club manager it would be him. 

And are we really suppose to believe that he just happened to wait on Kim and Teresa and just happen to mention he knew Melissa as a stripper?  Kim D's cheshire cat smile told the story.  This was a complete set up but was Teresa an innocent bystander or a pawn in the game?

Did Teresa really buy Kim's little, Oops, so sorry?  Could she really be that stupid?  Wait, what am I saying?  This is Teresa I'm talking about, so yeah, it's definitely possible.  Minus 10.

Just when I thought they couldn't have staged a scene better than the spa, we get to the Fashion show where Angelo just happens to show up and makes a point of speaking to Melissa.

Minus 20.  The only thing real about this reality TV show is the script it's written on. 

No matter who Kim D. was working with, she set this up to make sure there was plenty of drama once again at her show in the hopes that the cameras would come back again next year. 

If any of the Housewives had a brain in their head they'd skip this second rate fashion and stay home next year but what are the odds?

Next week it looks like it all hits the fan.  Will you be watching and who is to blame? Kim D, Teresa, or both?



how are you?


I neva noticed that but ur right can u imagine 1 of tha guys from jersey shore or real world fightin with adult women with there moms hahaha


Why dont carolines kids have any friends? and there pretty catty for grown men, getting involved in housewife fights. I dont know maybe its just me but my sons dont care about my friends business, and the drama that we have. There in there 20s and they live there own lives. Dont get me wrong, we're a very close family, but I dont think its right for caroline to include them in her social sitchuations. Its weird she acts like there her friends, but when its convienent she acts like there little kids. On the season 3 finally when Caroline first saw the stripper car wash comment in teresas book she acted lke chris was ten and that teresa was bashing him, then it showed him looking down at the tabe like he was sad. It was rediculous. I dont know any man that age who would react like a child like that. Its just really weird if that accually offended him.


Its sad to say but I think Carolines time is over. Theres really no reason for her to be on the show anymore and shes loosing all her fans. I still like her but I think she should quit before she looks any worse, Its gettin really hard to defend her as the show goes on.


Caroline looks like gonzo the muppet with woodstock from snoopys hair hahaha


Its really funny how caroline despretly trys to make people belive that teresa turnd dina against her. Making teresa out to b so evil for trying to drive wedge between her and her family. but wait caroline has been trying to make kathy and melissa hate teresa all this season. Sticking her big nose in there family drama. they all resolved there issues and it drove her crazy. So hows she gonna say teresas evil for doing something then do that exact thing on camera for the world to see. wow shes retarded if she really thought no1 would notice her doing that


Caroline and her family are soo annoying and suprisingly cocky for such an ugly bunch.


Caroline's time is up--I skip past her scenes anymore. She can take her mean daughter and spoiled lazy sons and go off and do whatever she did before the show. Caroline behaves badly and blames it on everyone else as she sits and bawls her head off. Melissa and Kathy's husband act like they are on a porn show or auditioning for one. Has you wondering what do they really do when the camera's are not rolling. Bring back Dina and keep Teresa--Jac is gone. Time to clean house.


I read on another blog that Jac comes from very well to do family so her parents must be financing Ashlee since Chris is facing his own financial problems. Ashlee is very pretty and I don't believe the Laurita family ever accepted her so I wish her the best.


Laughed out loud. Great show summary. Could Kim walk off a cliff?!?!. Still giggling-dig it!

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